Saturday, 14 December 2013

Re-Pricing and Special Offer

I'm not sure if the rules changed, or if they've just started being more thorough, but I seem to be getting more and more customs charges on delivery of my scales, and as such I've had to re-calculate prices for almost everything.

Pouches and chokers will be similarly adjusted, although neck pieces and baby dragons won't be significantly changed, if at all (they were priced up more recently with reference to the increasing materials costs). Postage however will remain the same.

If anybody wants to take advantage of the low prices, you need to pay for the order before the end of the year!

And a final note, due to a mix up there is currently an over-abundance of mirror style silver scales, so for a limited time items that are made up of at least 50% of these scales can get 10% off! Items will have the extra refunded after purchase, of if bought through Etsy you message for a coupon code to get the discount up front.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Knitted Dragon Neck Piece Pattern

This pattern has been migrated over to Ravelry to give a shopping cart for multiple purchases and instant download, it is also still available at Etsy.


This fairly easy knitted scale mail pattern is designed for those who may be learning basic increase and decrease stitches to shape work. One instance of re-joining yarn to work remaining stitches is involved.

The pattern includes comprehensive instructions with step by step picture tutorial for scale knitting in PDF format including blank design charts for designing neck pieces with more than one colour of scale.

If you have any problems or questions about your purchase do not hesitate to contact or send a message to CraftyMutt on Facebook

What Do I Get?

PDF Pattern
- Suggested learning resources for all techniques used, from cast on to cast off
- Step by step tutorial for adding scales as required for the pattern, including images
- Full material and equipment list
- A blank pattern design chart to help you translate your idea into scales
- One blank design chart to design a pattern
- One design guide chart to help translate design into knitted scale order

You can also have a free preview of the first page!

Click to enlarge!

How Is The Pattern Delivered?
This pattern is now offered as an instant download via Ravelry - if you have any trouble with this please contact me at, preferably forwarding your receipt so I can sort things out as quickly as possible!

What Do I Need?
Mostly you just need standard knitting supplies, including a pair of needles in 3.5-4mm (see preview of front page for full equipment list)
You will need 300 scales total for your neck piece. See the bottom of DIY Scale Mail for suggested scale suppliers!

How Difficult Is It?
If you're reading this section you're probably worried that you won't be able to understand how to knit with the scales, and the pattern will be useless to you. Well fear not! Check out the DIY Scale Mail page again, and this time check out the Knit Stitch instructions which includes a tutorial video. That's all the special stuff you need! So if you want to make sure you can handle it before you buy the pattern, have a practice run of the stitch as described there.

What Do I Not Get?
You do not get any ready made scale charts to use, the charts for examples shown on this page are not included; you get the knitting pattern to make gloves and blank charts to design your own patterns with.

Also the legal stuff:
You do not get permission to sell this pattern as it is or in an adapted form, or give it away for free.
You do not get permission to make and sell items made by this pattern, although the technique of knitting with scales itself is allowed - you can design your own items that include scales using the technique described in the free tutorial whether you buy the pattern or not. Only the pattern itself is protected.

What Can I Make?
Epic dragon neck pieces in any colour combination and pattern!

Friday, 6 December 2013

Ordering Scale Mail Baby Dragons

There are three main areas to consider when you are designing your baby dragon; the scales, the skin, and the features (click any photo for full view)

Ready to find your dragon?
Head over to the Etsy listing or the
bottom of this page for prices and to order

1. Scale Colours
Baby dragons have four "areas" of scales; the front, back, main wing, and wing bars, and between these can have one or two different colours.

Default single scale colour dragon (silver scales, purple yarn)

Default dual colour dragon (orange colour 1, red colour 2) 

As default, if you choose two colours, colour 1 will be assigned to the back and the main wing, and colour 2 for the front and the wing bars, however you can request custom arrangement of the two colours over the four areas, or even to mix it up all together with any ratio.

One possible custom colour arrangement

If you want to request a custom arrangement, please make sure to include it in checkout, or e-mail additional information to

Baby dragons can sit up on soft surfaces like pillows

2. Skin Colour
This is the yarn that your baby dragon will be knit onto, forming the skin between the scales. There are a range of solid, single-colour variegated, and multi-colour variegated to choose from.
Choosing a specific colour is optional, particularly useful if you want a contrasting skin colour (for example the silver scaled dragon with purple skin), but if not specified the best match will be used automatically.
You can choose one of the following (other colours may be available, feel free to ask before hand)
Solid: Black, White (both contain wool)
One-tone Variegated: Gray, Sky BlueGreen, RedPurpleBrownSandy
Multi-tone Variegated: Purple/Black,  Purple/Blue/Turquoise/Green
All coloured yarns are 100% synthetic and suitable for people with wool allergies!

Baby dragons will happily sit in your hand

3. Feature Colours
To fully personalise your dragon, you can specify colours for the claws, horns, and eyes. Again, if not specified a complimentary match will be used automatically, so feel free to be as specific or vague as you like. A wide range of colours are available, and each feature can be a different colour!
Horns - as standard the dragon has two horns on the head both in the same colour
Claws - as standard the dragon has four claws on each hind foot, and four finger claws and a thumb claw on each front foot, all in the same colour
Eyes - as standard the dragon has two eyes in the eye colour with a hilight to give the dragon more expression

Baby dragons love to curl up with friends at nap time

4. Further Customisation
Still missing something you want? Maybe a really long tail, a fuzzy little dragon-beard, or just more than two colours? Feel free to send in more customised requests directly to, and they'll be priced according to the extra materials and time. In general unless your change is substantial you shouldn't find the price increases by much.

Baby dragons, if handled properly, will not scratch or bite
even with their hard scaly skin

Please note: these baby dragons, like any young animal, are not suitable for children's toys! They have lots of metal bits (including pipe-cleaner wing supports) and although generally sturdy can be hurt if treated badly. They can also hurt you a back if you squeeze or poke them hard, but will cause no harm if handled with consideration.

Custom Scale Mail Knitted Baby Dragon - Knit to Order (£40)
(allow up to 5 weeks to make, not including postage time)
Don't forget to specify a skin colour, and horn, claw, and eye colours if
you have them in  mind, otherwise they will be coordinated to your scales

Scale Colour 1
Scale Colour 2
Colour Arrangement

(Basic postage additional £8, please e-mail if you require tracking)