Sunday, 18 December 2011

Back to the Freezer House

So I'm back in Preston, and didn't realise just how cold it would be. Unlike Trevs where I can have my radiator on whenever I want and make my room warm without affecting everyone else the radiators here are either all on or all off... and don't make stuff very warm either :( Maybe I am just too used to living on the third floor where I get everyone's leftover heat.
Fortunately it was my birthday on the 16th and so yesterday I came home to awesome presents, one of which I think it the most awesome thing that has ever existed :D he's just one of those microwave warmy things, but he's the cutest one ever and very very useful right now ^_^ I have just microwaved him and put him in my hoodie, and when I have warmed up a bit more I will finish the last of the gauntlet gloves orders I have for now intending to post tomorrow :)
And then another pair of gloves, and Cthulu (need to find suitable wool :S) and a whole bunch of other things... I thought I'd be straight back to knitting random stuff as soon as I got home, but I'm still fairly busy. It's fun though to still have stuff to knit and make :)

Oh, and I think I showed a little pink axolotl recently, well I've finished a green friend axolotl and sent them off hopefully in time to be a Christmas present! I thought they were so cute XD a very well made pattern by a fellow internet-based crocheter, just look how cute they are;

I think they look like cute little alien axolotls, especially with
the random starry background (which is actually my dressing gown)

So hopefully when I get settled in and figure out what is going on I will be able to start back working towards that 1000 blog visits prize thingy, which has been repeatedly put off due to so many orders and cute stuff :P I promise I will get there eventually, it's just a long process ^_^ hope you can make it when I get there!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Spider Infestation Relocation

The bad news is that I have just discovered tens of tiny spiders around the ceiling of my room, hanging down on tiny threads, creeping around on their tiny legs and creeping their way over my stuff...

The slightly good news is that they are very tiny and not very creepy looking or fast yet. They just look like tiny black dots that slowly bumble along the corner of my cieling and occasionally hover a foot below my ceiling. Which I am not keen on, because if they get much closer I will walk into them :(

The good news is I have moved all my knitty things, all the stuff people have ordered and stuff I'm making and put it in another room, because the last thing I want to do is give people little surprise pets with their order (unless you want one, feel free to ask about getting one or two or twenty as pets :P)

It's also good news that if I need the porter will find me a room to put all my stuff if it turns out it's so bad that I need to get everything out and sleep somewhere else for a while, but I really don't want to carry my room contents up and down stairs again. No. Nooooo. I already did that once. It was bad. I would massively appreciate some help if it gets that bad. I will give you bacon and a party bag (bacon only for people who can be on Trevs back lawn 1.30 - 4.30 on Sunday, everyone is invited anyway)

I was going to include a picture of a spider but it was too creepy. Here's something else from Google's endless photo pile instead;

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Blogging for the Sake of Having a Recent Post

There's nothing in specific terms going on to say but a few general update type things of what's going on, what I'm doing and generally that I'm still conscious and haven't drowned in an ocean of wool and fluff.
Obviously some projects are still ongoing, you know who you are - I'm very close to finishing a lot of things, it's getting a little easier :) I have been quite a bit too busy recently and it's been a bit too stressful so as you've probably seen in a few recent posts I'm still working on slowing things down and resting plenty so I don't explode my knitted brains all over everyone in a lecture or something icky :P

I am looking for my camera because I would quite like to get some photos up, bear with me...
*random rummaging around a lot for where my camera is*

Naha! Okay, so a few things that are going on;

I bought more fabrics.

These look like they'll make beautiful lining fabrics
for drawstring pouches, purses, that sort of thing.
If you really like a fabric for something just ask and
I'll say what I can do :)

So yes, loads of fabric now. You should see the pile building up because I need to use more of it faster. In fact have a look at the pile building up.

They are all so pretty!

In conclusion I have a pretty fabric buying problem, and anybody who wants a purse or pouch or anything they can think of lining with one of these (they are massively varying in quantity I have from 16 inch square to half meter pieces) Prices also vary quite a bit, the pretty ones obviously were more expensive.

On the topic of making and lining purses I bought the green scaly one with a purpose as I had the idea for a Cuthulu inspired coin holding small zipped bag, or an "octopurse" if you prefer... (I know, I'm hilarious aren't I)

Cthulu the Crochet Purse, because letting Cthulu look after
your money is as good an idea as trusting him with your sanity.

Look it has a lining :D and a zip :D I am so massively excited :D

So those show you the Cthulu purse from the front with his little happy eyes and his tentacley tentacles, and another view so you can see that it has a working zip and hand sewn in very carefully lining made of the scaly pattern fabric which you will have seen further up in this post. I am hoping to sell him and he will be in the shop after I have written this post and got round to putting him up for sale :D Lining is a bit hard and sewing really small is fiddly but I am super happy with how well he came out ^_^

Oh, and finally I have recently finished (and only just had my camera, computer and brain in the same place) an Axolotl made from another talented crafty person's pattern, who was great fun to make although much bigger than I tend to make stuff (more than 30 stitches in one round is big for me :P)

Little Axolotl as designed by MrFox of Etsy who also makes
a whole lot of other crazy and awesome patterns for sale :)

I really like this pattern, apart from just being a really adorable outcome it's also nice and easy to follow and has little explaining notes for when there might be something confusing ^_^ I made him quite slow, but I'm making a greeny one next who should be faster because I've worked through the pattern once already now. I'm hoping anyway :) after him and my super secret project (which is near completion) I only have a few little orders, which should allow me to get my competition up and running hopefully before the end of this term!

Competition ideas so far; there will be an online prize draw bit as usual because not everyone I know who might want to enter will be able to be in Durham to take part in the physical part of the competition, sorry for you but you will still have a good chance of winning things because I will design it all in :) I am hoping for some physical element, possibly involving searching for business cards with a winning message written on the back (I will distribute them to suitable places and probably place hints on the facebook and blog posts so you don't have to run all over Durham trying to figure out what I've decided is suitable)

So there you go, that's pretty much everything that CraftyMutt has been up to in the last over a week since I was too sleepy to do anything. I am still sleepy, and getting busier and sleepier as time goes by, but I'm still plodding on with everything.

Oh, and soon I should be getting an order of 6 bags of scales which will go into making 2 pairs of gloves, which already have prospective owners. Anyone else interested in gloves have a look back at the previous post (I promise there will one day be a "custom orders" tab among the top left for this sort of information to congregate)

Random bunny so there is something nice on the screen for all those
brave enough to want to read the huge quantity of text following.
(thank you Google for providing all manner of random cute photos)

On a slightly important end point, I am starting to get to the point where I cannot guarantee that I can take on any and all projects (particularly coming up to Christmas) not due to the fact that I would not be able to make and finish it within that time, but because I have a) quite a few different things to make and will start to forget things even though I try to write everything down and b) realised that the pressure I am already under with knitting was too much, casual and friendly as it is I need to give myself the option to turn down projects occasionally and it helps if I put out a warning first so I don't feel too bad if I can't help with something.
Usually the problem is I can't force myself to knit even a small project within a short period because there is no guarantee of my mental capability to knit in any given time period, and the other is that for projects I know will take longer I sometimes get bogged down with the fact I'm still working on it after a long period of time, so basically anything with a short or long production time could be turned down just to keep me sane. Something with almost no deadline should be fairly okay, it's really a case by case basis and if all goes to plan I shouldn't have to turn down any orders at all :)

Monday, 14 November 2011

Too Tired to Knit Today

I do not know why I am so tired, I did not do an awful lot of difficult stuff over the weekend, and I didn't go to bed late. I didn't even struggle worse than normal to wake up this morning but now I feel like I am already asleep, my arms are tired and my eyes still don't want to stay open...

However I feel bad, because there are several orders I should be working on today, seeing as I have such a convenient gap for them, but I really need to go back to sleep. Maybe I am getting ill, I didn't feel so well recently. As an apology here are some pictures and awesome stuff to make up;

Sleepy kittens seeing as I am super sleepy right now

Awesome Sammich-saur (is what I call him) who if anyone
is interested can probably be commissioned here
*resists urge to request one for self*
I might be able to knit something inspired from this for personal
use but the character belongs to the linked person so no sell thing

More sleepy cat-blobs

Tiny baby octopus-cthulhu, because tiny octopuses are also awesome
Someday I may knit an octopus this small, you never know...

I think I need to go back to sleep again now if I have any chance of managing this Formula Student thing which I am going to tonight. Apologies again for those who's stuff I'm supposed to be knitting and to those who wanted some actual content to this post and not just four random pictures that I like.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Scaly Solutions :D

I have spent almost all my spare time today doing research, lots of inputting data and reading costs and trying different things, and I have managed to find three top quantities to buy which makes the fast delivery option of only 8-15 days viable without having to change the prices I wanted to use :D

 Cost of Scales for Gloves for Different Order Sizes
Number of packets
--- Long Gloves
--- Regular Gloves
--- Short Gloves

As you can see from my poorly constructed graph (The scale up the left is linear but otherwise useless) there is great variation over the cost for me to make them, especially for smaller orders over which range I am more likely to be buying. Thankfully this allows me to see that if I buy 6 or 11 packets I will be getting a good enough price that there is enough leeway in the amount I want to sell them for to cover the wool and a bit of leftover for my effort :) I must not buy just 3, 7 or 12 packets though because that would cost me too much and I couldn't afford to make them. But I will buy them mostly in bunches of 6 so it is all alright :D

Due to these developments I am going to be working on a page for custom orders, which will host pricing guides for knitty creatures, keyrings and charms, and the new gloves option guide with prices. This will explain what options there are, and things like choosing colours to make patterns or random combination gloves.

So with many things sorted I have ordered some scales for a commission and three packets of mixed scales, which I plan to probably make rainbow gauntlets out of. Hopefully someone out there will want regular (6 inch) rainbow gauntlets!
I have also decided pretty much what I will be doing next with these 100ish brushed aluminium scales I have right now, seeing as pangolins are so cute...

Look it's a pangolin with a tiny baby pangolin :D

I will be attempting to knit a pangolin complete with scales! I hope he will be super cute, and probably not use up too many scales so I can make a few from this 100 or perhaps think of something else again to make with them ^_^

Thursday, 10 November 2011


Well actually they're fists of aluminium, but it still looks pretty spangly. Obviously the first thing I did after my small order of scales arrived was knit them into short gloves;

The back sports rows of silvery brushed aluminium scales

The scales are attached onto a wool knitted glove section,
so they are comfy and warm to wear :D

I am now looking to order a whole bunch more scales, so if you are interested in anything scaly even just a little bit please please contact me even if you're not sure what you want or what's on offer. I'll try and give people an idea of what I'll be doing and how much it will be so first I'm going to wander over to the scale buying place and check out prices and postage...

Turns out postage for the scales I want is minimum 25% on top of the price of the scales and that'll take 6-12 weeks :S and I'm looking at over $100 of scales with around half of them with possible homes...
If I want a sensible delivery time of 8-12 days it's 50% more O_O
I won't buy them yet but I hope people who are interested will stay interested because I can't justify spending $125 without a pretty decent demand, no matter how much I want to play at making scaly gloves :(
This also means that I feel mean about my prices but the scales alone for these are well over half the amount I'm asking;

Glove Cost

Length (from base of fingers down arm)
Approx Scales
Brushed Aluminium
Colour (see below)
Short (4.5 inches)
Regular (6.5 inches)
Longer (9 inches)

Okay, now that I've gotten over how much I'm going to have to charge for this sort of thing I guess I should explain what I mean by brushed aluminium and colour;
Basic aluminium scales are cheaper than colour, obviously to make colour you have to do something extra; these scales are anodised with the colourfulness to make them pretty.

Colour Choices
Scale Colours (same on both sides); Red, Orange, Gold, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Silvery gold and mixed (which has random colours including most those just listed)
Special Scale Colours; Black (only coloured on the outside), Black/Bronze (bronze on the outside, black on the inside)
Wool Colours;
I have wool in Gray, Blue, Red and Green+Lilac (looks like a plant) and I intend to get some Black of suitable gauge soon, but my regular DK wool I own in many colours isn't thick enough for this sort of thing so that's the limit really. These colours are all variegated (i.e. they change colour as you knit, with single shade balls going darker and lighter and double shade swapping between and changing intensity)

I am totally excited if you would like to ask for basic patterns or styles, like a mixed bag to be arranged in a more rainbow fashion (due to the random nature I cannot guarentee even stripes of colours) or to be randomly arranged, or to have two colours in alternating stripes or chevron shapes, or even something a bit more ambitious like having 2 red, 1 orange and 1 gold for a medium pair and make a flamey effect.

Why is the shipping so slow  and expensive, I am so excited I want to make pretty scaly things now!

Alternative Method;
If you would like your gloves soon and a bit cheaper, buy some scales yourself and bring them to me so I don't have to deal with long shipping times and high initial costs. A pair of gloves worth will cost you up to £16 for the most expensive scales for 4 packets for the longest gloves including delivery, and once you give me the scales I can then transform them into gloves for you using whichever wool colour you choose.

Provide Scales
Glove Cost
Short (4.5 inches)
200 (2 bags)
Regular (6.5 inches)
300 (3 bags)
Longer (9 inches)
400 (4 bags)

The bags are as written for buying scales from The Ring Lord (buy small aluminium scales in anodised colours or plain brushed aluminium in 2, 3 or 4 bags of 100 depending on the gloves you want) again you can pick different colours for patterns to make them pretty, whatever you like. If you find a site online which sells scales cheaper, faster or in any way better than they do (being so far away it's awkward and expensive) please tell me and I can get cheaper scales and sell cheaper gloves!

If you want me to get some scales and make you a thing then I'll put it in with a bunch I shall order soonish (maybe at the weekend) but this does not benefit from any delivery discount, in fact the delivery gets ridiculous as for larger packets the only viable option is the 6-12 week delivery and even that's expensive...

Probably best if you have something you know you want to buy your own and give them to me, unless you have already told me specifically you want some and what you want (I will be purchasing 3 packets of black/bronze scales with my next lot for the one already confirmed)

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A Bit Much Work

I've been knitting as efficiently as possible recently, I have quite a few people with things "in the works" or at least written down to be done in the near future, and I'm not sure if it's the number of things I'm doing or the amount of time I'm spending doing it but I'm going to be cutting down a little bit for a while to relax - also because I have lectures and work and stuff which they want me to do :P

This doesn't mean I can't get the orders I am working on done in a decent time, but I know I could be doing them much faster although it's not sensible for me to be going at that pace with everything else on the calender and I've found I need more time in the day when I'm not working and not knitting either, which is a shame because I enjoy knitting and I'm always keen to finish a project as soon as possible so I can get excited at the finished thing and about the next thing I'm doing :)

So right now I have a work in progress that is top secret and in no way should I let a photo of it leak out...

Whoops, how did this get here?

I am soon to be having a go at a pattern made by a very talented designer, he makes the sort of crazy things I'd like to have a go at and so soon I will be :D

Recently in the post I received the dice I ordered, the normal set is now happily in the sparkly drawstring bag with the first ones, but I may have accidentally bought two sets of tiny adorable minidice, which now need their own tiny adorable minidice-bag ^_^ I will work on this when I have done with any big and important orders, because I don't know what I want to do yet. Maybe a smaller version of the one I already did, a tiny drawstring pouch would be pretty and I could attach a keyring to it and hang it from stuff :D

Pretty sparkly dice bag which I don't think I've put a
photo of here yet. It's lined with black moon-star fabric,
and has a matching octagonal patch on the bottom.

I still need to finish the companion cube, although that's more a personal interest project which I will probably sell (not too cheaply because the weighting beads are expensive) afterwards. Before that I will need to do a check around that I'm not missing anything I'm supposed to be doing, because a lot of people asked me to do things recently and I've been struggling to follow who wants what for when and who just wanted to ask about something and who was just vaguely interested. If you think I should be making you something and I'm not contacting you about it regularly enough definitely get in touch to make sure I've not lost it in the ocean of balls of wool and pretty fabric all over my room!

So, in summary, knitting needs to slow down a bit now. Current projects should be done in a similar timescale to anything indicated, but new projects may be given a longer timescale to ease the work, especially with the engineering projects coming up which is a big group whole year design thing which will steal an awful lot of my time.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Working Really Hard on Content ^_^

I think I've pretty much finished what I've been working on all day, and I'd love if some people could have a look around and see if they think I make sense and if you notice any broken links or wrong links.... I wrote a lot of links today!

So simply I have a new shop page, as you can probably guess from the shiny NEW tag on the shop link. I'm sure it's more organised and better looking than the previous version, and I tried to make the instructions more concise and the details include the important technicalities that might come up.
If anyone feels like reading through even a bit of text I've written on the Crafty Shop page (follow the button link) just to make sure they think I make sense too that'd be awesome! I'm sure somebody will spot a bunch of spelling mistakes and grammar issues which I left lying around :P

As part of this new page there is now a Crafty Mutt Deviantart page, which is only linked through the shop page as that is in essence my shop account. The art link on the side still links to the Opiel16 Deviantart page, which I want to get more to actually being my art. This will of course include uploading knitty photos as I have been, but hopefully I'll get some more digital and traditional art uploaded soon! I wanted to do this before, but felt too much that I should limit the account to be solely CraftyMutt images, so what I'm doing is hopefully letting myself breathe and getting myself out there as organised and understandably as possible.

Now that that little interlude is over I have an order to make, involving some pale blue and pale yellow wool, so I'll get back to crochet and leave you with a random photo of a tiny sleepy skunk I just found searching Google for cute things to finish with, because there haven't been any pictures in this post and that would make Crafty Mutt sad.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Tales of Tiny Things

First a quick note, I have finished one of several prizes for the 1000 blog view prize draw :) I want to run it as soon as possible, but equally I want a few nice prizes to give out and I have to make them first... they're on their way :P

So, here's what pikachu looks like;
And here's what little knitted pikachu looks like, who is a little compromised by the fact that knitting things on a small scale makes them a bit simplified;

Little Pikachu happily sits up and it nicely palm sized, complete with ears, cheeks and tail!

So, now you all know that the prize draw is in fact coming I have an exciting story :D well, it's pretty much an exciting story. It comes with pictures and everything. It's about how tiny I intend to try and make something very soon :)

Here are 3.5mm and 3mm, the two hooks I use to make most my little things. I use 3.5mm a lot and then use 3mm if something's a bit fiddly and I think I need something smaller.

Here is 3mm with his little friend 2.5mm, who comes out to help when stuff gets really fiddly. I also use 2.5mm to make my smallest crochet creatures using sock yarn, which although it's quite hard and often makes my fingers achy makes really really tiny cute versions of my regular sized patterns, such as the tiny Cthulus compared to the regular sized ones;

Little Cthulu is about 2.5 inches tall

Tiny Cthulu is only 1.5 inches tall!

Today I dug around in my tins and needle bags and wool boxes and made an exciting new discovery. As well as 2.5mm hook which I like to use for very tiny things I also own a whole family of really tiny hooks!

Here is 2.5mm (on the far left) with my newly discovered tiny crochet hooks! The littlest one is so tiny I had difficulty taking a picture where you could tell that it actually had a hook on the end, as you can see from my thumb these are ridiculously small. Specifically we have 1.5mm, 1mm and 0.75mm hooks here :D

So, my slightly smaller than commonly used 3.5mm crochet hook looks like a giant compared to my newly discovered 0.75mm hook. I like having a lot of hooks :D I'm really excited to find these, I need to get hold of some tiny tiny crochet thread and make some ridiculously tiny crochet creatures! Ones which will be so small that they will have to live in a little house like a small bottle or box home to keep them safe seeing as they are so tiny XD I love making tiny things. If my 2.5mm crochet hooks makes 1.5 inch Cthulu, then my 0.75mm hook would produce a Cthulu of sanity destroying cuteness proportions.
Unfortunately that requries I own crochet thread small enough for use with that hook, which I don't right now, but I do have some fairly narrow sock yarn which I should be able to use with the 1.5mm hook to test just how small I can crochet :)

Side note: there will likely be microsoft paint doodles of using 3.5mm alot and alot of crochet hooks later for the amusement of those who have read Hyperbold and a Half who I find really quite inspiring and everyone should check out, at least just to learn about alots - there's a shortcut to alots on the side bar a bit down the page

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Making a New Page

Now I'm not sure if anybody notices them, so I'll start at the start; to the right left of this text you will see a bunch of buttons, linking the whole of CraftyMutt together. I was thinking about people who want to make orders, and how I can help them to help me knit what they want how the want it, and I think it would be a great idea to have another little tab over there for "What's in Stock"

For those of you who are just here for the cute stuff and don't really feel like paying attention to the block of rambling text that follows please appreciate this random kitten photo I have borrowed from Daily Squee to make up for the fact that there is nothing else in this post for you, and then go off and do something more exciting :)

Note: do not scroll down if your idea of cute does not include things
which are not fluffy or huggable, espeically if you don't like octopuses

Just in case the kitten wasn't enough here is a cute octopus also from Daily Squee;

Apologies to those who don't like octopuses, but judging by the
number of Cthulu's I have sold you are mostly pro-tentacled creatures :)

Right, back to my thoughts about a new page of stuff I can use to make things right now;
This would include photos of the types of wool I have right now, with a bit of description and photos of the final effects I can produce with it; things like basic knit and crochet texture, brushed finish, a few fancier effects maybe and a bit about shaping and strength.
Obviously for the most part this will just be showing what colours I currently have and how much so you know if I'll be able to make a massive Dragonite right now of if I'd need time to buy a new ball of wool for him because I've only got a little ball of the right sort of Dragonite colour (as is the case). In general I have most colours to make any order, so that's not too much of a worry.
Additionally there would be a much more exciting section for fluffy, fuzzy, sparkly and special wools, of which I have a less extensive colour selection and a whole variety of textures so it's good for people to know what I have so they can specify if they like the fuzzy pink with poofy bits or the fluffy soft pink or the really soft short brown pile or the longer brown funkyfur (I mostly have animal colours and pink in fluffy wool)

As well as knitting I have the obvious accessories - various eyes, keyring and phone charm attachments, necklace chains, beads and clasps, zips and hooks, an array of felt and a few pretty fabrics. All of these can be combined in a primarily wooly order, for example making a phone charm or necklace of a tiny knitted creature, or creating a purse with a zip and lining it with the fabric you like best. They can even be used to make orders on their own, such as the plastic phone charms, felt sewn creatures and beady necklace type things should you like.

This however will take quite a bit of time, what with taking photos of all my wool (fairly quick), writing a bit about each (an evenings work) and drawing a new link button to sit with the other ones on the right hand side (will take FOREVER because I don't have CS4 on my new laptop)

Just for fun I have moved the links over to the left hand side of the blog, see if it helps people to mentally link the sites up better and use the links more (I don't know how much they are used right now, but I'd like to get more people to find CraftyMutt on facebook from here so I can pass the 30 barrier and get access to all the fanpage owner options!)
If anyone thinks it looks bad (I do but I don't know if it's just it looks funny somewhere different) then comments please, and I'll probably put it back if anyone agrees with me.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Buying Craft Type Stuff - Oops

Oh no. I have been shopping recently. Me shopping is a bad idea, I want to buy all sorts of exciting things that I can't possibly use, seeing as I'm hardly even going to manage to use what I've got :P but I like a lot of variety in my crafting, so here's what I thought I needed this week in order of least exciting to most exciting (for me at least);

1. Eyes and bells

Lets get the slightly creepy looking one out the way first. After making the bag of tentacley  doom including a bunch of eyes I got from the market I decided I needed more eyes. And then there were bells nearby, so I bought some bells too. Now colourful eyes too, just in case I ever desperately need some.
Bought on Durham market, which has two excellent crafty stalls :)

2. Silver Chain Necklaces (colour, not material :P)

These are AWESOME. I got a packet of five silver chain necklaces, they feel nice and they are each over 60cm in length, which I am going to use to make cool crafty things. FOR £2.60! This will allow me to make cheap but quality necklaces, whereas so far I had planned to buy charity shop necklaces for maybe £1-2 and recycle them into something crafty, but this makes for a much cheaper product for customers :)
I got these from TinyDeal, which has so many awesome things for really cheap. Some of the things are clearly low quality, but I've bought quite a lot of very decent things from the site. My pocketwatch necklace just arrived, obviously at that price I don't really mind the materials feeling a little cheap since it looks so good.
If you're wondering what's with all the TinyDeal links, well... if people buy stuff through my referral links I will get points to spend on more things :P right now I'm very tempted to buy the giant flying RC fish...
Moving swiftly on;

3. Another ball of wool (the light gray one on the top)

As demonstrated by the massive boxes of wool in the picture I clearly didn't need more wool. But I sort of did, because I didn't have light gray yet. Also bought on Durham market after I got distracted buying eyes.
So now I am making a Companion Cube which is nearly finished!

Companion Cube :)

I know the hearts aren't that heart shaped any more, but I had to make up my own pattern because all heart patterns on the internet were HUGE. Well, compared to the size I wanted my hearts. These hearts are so small I will write my pattern here;

Tiny Hearts Crochet Pattern
Make slip ring
ch 3 from ring
tr in ring
ch 2
hdc in ring
tr in ring
ch 3
Join in ring with slip stitch

Cut end and pull through last stitch (not tight)
Pull the magic slip ring tight
Tighten the last stitch by pulling the tail to help shape it

That's all there is to it, if anyone wants to learn how to crochet hearts (even if you haven't crocheted before at all) they are really easy and quick and you don't even really have to understand what the random letters I used are, I'm willing to demonstrate if anyone new to crochet wants to try their hand at making one of the tiniest fastest patterns ever :)

4. Pretty fabric

I saw pretty fabrics and decided that obviously I needed some. I intend to use these as beautiful lining fabric in knit and crochet purses and other small bags. I really like the pretty pattern on these fabrics, and I want to make really pretty bright colour purses with butterflies and flowers on and other purses with monsters and tentacle creatures and that sort of thing on. Now I can line them with pretty fabrics too!

In less crafty related shopping I also recently ordered some dice off the internet to make sure my geek rating is high enough, for which I shall have to make myself a pretty dice bag. I am not sure if I want a bright pretty one or a dark pretty one, but either way I have a suitable lining fabric due to my probably inadvisable shopping habits. And then I will finally be able to RPG properly with my own dice :D
I was really pleased with how my last dice bag came out, knitted from someone else's pattern;

Dice Bag of Doom

This is a recent dice bag I made for someone else, something along the lines of a regular black pouch type bag, except it is being devoured by a many-eyed tentacle beast thing. Pattern found on the internet and slightly altered to better fit the type of wool I was using, since I have a mostly odd bits and unclassified wool so I usually need to alter patterns a bit. Here's the free pattern download of the Dice Bag of Doom on Ravelry from the original writer, who is awesome for making this.
I thought the design was really awesome, but seeing as someone I know has a bag of this pattern now, and also that I would prefer to make an original design, I will likely not use it for my own dice bag but instead try to design something hopefully similarly cool :) maybe a more simple and classic design, I just want something pretty.

Much crafting hopefully in the near future then!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

First Toothless Tuesday

Oh no I forgot again...
It's not quite 12! Quick! Post!
*super fast Toothless Tuesday post*

Toothless with Piggy, who snuggle in my bed all day while I have to go to lectures.
It's okay, they hug me when I get home :P

In other news I'm now well on my way to one complete order of the many I got yesterday, hoping it'll be done tomorrow :)

Monday, 24 October 2011

I just got an order, then another, and then so many I exploded

I know I have been saying recently that I have just finished the last set of orders I have been working on (Dragonite, Einstein and Schroedinger are all with their owners now!) and how I usually get some new orders right after I finish one bunch, but today was ridiculous!

In an awesome way :D seriously though my brain feels like mush, I got a message asking about making something, and after thinking quite hard managed to reply hopefully coherently on the matter. I then had to spend half an hour reading through another message about another possible order to try and decipher the English language which I had forgotten how to use, and just when I had grasped that another one arrived. I had to spend another half an hour getting my mind together about that one. Eventually manged to reply to all of them I think, if you sent me something and I haven't replied just message again asking if I managed to read it and remember how to type a reply :)

There are now five new entries on my Orders Table, where I put all orders and possible orders. Even if only a couple of them get confirmed and completed this is amazing, and I'm so excited :D I would have liked more time to knit really random just for my shop, but equally I like money. And being challenged to knit things I hadn't thought to knit :P

Today's random knit was Moomin, who is available
if you'd like to swap him for a £5 note. He's weighted in
his tummy with plastic beans like a beanie baby
so he's butt-heavy and doesn't fall over :)

Tomorrow I will likely be starting on an order. Maybe even tonight, since at least two of them are essentially guaranteed to be confirmed, and if not they're suitable for sale to anyone else so it can't hurt to get ahead :)
I'm maybe making another Moomin, Cthulu, a thing I can't remember, maybe a dice bag and a SUPER SECRET THING which I may release pictures of sometime after Christmas, that's just how secret it is :P (they're all written down it's okay that I already forgot)

On a related note I have been massively overwhelmed today with orders, and if you even have an inkling about possible knitted Christmas presents you'd be better to warn me about it before hand so I can organise myself and make sure nobody misses out. If you ask then want to cancel that's awesome, because you're making me schedule something that doesn't exist so I'll actually get some rest between knitting my fingers to the bone :P just contact me on facebook (fanpage or my actual page) or e-mail if you prefer (

Also exciting and completely unrelated CraftyMutt on facebook now has a proper web address;

Now if five more people like the page I can access all the page owning stuff, but until you reach 30 they don't believe you're popular enough to need to see all the things :( but I'm getting there!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Something Messy and Something New

Today I decide that the best way to make glasses would be to put glue on wool to make it stay in the right shape. Today I spent several hours discovering that there was still PVA on my fingers and peeling it off :P I didn't realise how difficult it would be to get glue from a messy inaccurate bottle onto a thin strand of wool, in the end I got it everywhere. Although now they are finished, and Schrödinger has his glasses!

Tiny wool glasses :D

We will get to Schrodinger and his cat in a minute though, for now I have an exciting new random thing... a dog brush!
Looks pretty dangerous with all those tiny metal spikey bits,
but somehow it's not like being stabbed by five hundred
needles when you touch it.

This dog brush isn't for CraftyMutt's fur though; I have been looking around for a while considering getting a slicker brush to do a very special exciting crafty thing. Something magical happens when you introduce it to a normal piece of knitted or crochet fabric - the brush, designed to make fur look pretty, makes fluff appear out of nowhere!
This means I can take any wool I own, knit something, and then make it fluffy after. Much easier than trying to knit with overly fuzzy and awkward wool, and really good for creating hair and fur on my critters :)

So, obviously, I wanted to test it out...

As you can see, the texture of the small piece is massively different
from the texture of the larger piece behind it.

The two pieces above started out exactly the same (apart from size obviously) but while the larger one I need as it is, the smaller one I knitted as a test to see just what would happen when I brushed it. Now they're completely different!

This brings me on to Schroedinger, who has rather fuzzy eccentric hair as is traditional with all those great scientists. He was the perfect excuse to go out and buy a slicker brush, which will now be used to make a host of tiny fuzzy cute things like foxes and bunnies and kittens.

Sneak peek of Schrödinger!
That hair is entirely the product of brushing at a flat knitted piece of wool - before that his hair looked like a brown splat on his head with the same texture as the jacket :P
A proper photo of him, including cat and box will be up sometime soonish, but for now here he is minus bow tie (I'm picking out the best ribbon colour now). He will be making his first public appearance tomorrow evening :)

New random things should come soon, seeing as that's the last of my orders done for now :D unless people make more orders, although I'd quite like a little break to knit random stuff too. The challenge of an order is great fun, but making something for no reason whatsoever is a lot of fun too :)

p.s. apologies for forgetting Toothless Tuesday the first time it was supposed to happen... I'll try and get in the habit soon!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Finally Dragonite and New Toothless Tuesday

So Dragonite is finished and delievered, and I have eventually got round to getting his photo up for everyone to see :D

It's not the best photo I've taken, but gets him across :)
the business card is regular business card sized,
and Dragonite is about 8-9 inches tall

He doesn't look that fat in this photo, but he's really chubby in real life. I've actually nearly run out of Dragonite wool but if someone really likes him I can get hold of some similarly yellow wool and make more but I can't knit quick, and I don't really want to knit things this big so much because they take foreverrrrrr....
Quotes for different sizes on request, and bear in mind I'm doing a degree and knitting at the same time :P
That's also tiny nyan cat charm, who was won by the same person who had ordered Dragonite. I want to do another keyring/cham giveaway soon so everybody watch out! Or give me £1 and I'll make whatever hand drawn keyring picture you like :)

Also I intend to make Tuesdays into Toothless Tuesday! In that every Tuesday I will post a photo of Toothless doing something or sitting somewhere being Toothless, because quite a lot of people like him and I need an excuse to remember to post stuff :P here is one to make up for yesterday;

Photo of Toothless taken by Alex during the
summer holiday of Toothless wearing a hat
Toothless says "Rawr!"

Edit: for those particularly interested in Toothelss he was made from a pattern made by spirit-of-america on Deviantart, which you can also find linked in the description for the photos of her Toothless :) I made my own adaption of the claws and have worked it through once, so although I can't really make one for anybody I am happy to offer some help and tips and my alternate claw method (which is much simpler) should anyone want. He's a really big project but he's really awesome once finished :D
I may do a blog post with hints, tips and extra pattern bits one day if it seems appropriate.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Free Durham Delivery! Quote TREVSPOST01

Seeing as I am crrently in Durham, and I often walk around town and college sites, it does not make sense that I should go to the post office to post something to somewhere else in Durham :P So Durham students clearly deserve some kind of deal, something like... free delivery!

Obviously this is much better for both sides, I don't have to put stuff in envelopes and you don't get your new friend squished or damaged on their journey to you! Also I'll be around so if there's something not quite right I'm happy to do little fixes and make it right for free, so you're getting the best of everything :D

Free delivery is easy to offer on orders requested by e-mail or facebook, but for my Etsy shop where almost everything non-custom knit is on sale there is no way to explain to them that you live right by me and don't want your thing posted
For anybody who would like to buy something I've already listed on Etsy I have made a free delivery code; when prompted for a discount or delivery code, please enter TREVSPOST01 to remove that silly delivery charge.
(If you're unsure check the bottom of this post for the boring bits. See Shop link in top right for Etsy shop)

In a similar vein, if you do not have an Etsy account and do not want to make one contact me and I'll sort the purchase for you, but I'm really looking to get as much feedback as possible from lots of people to show I am a good seller so it's helpful if you can :)

People are also welcome to come see my Shelf Shop and physically check out what's on sale if you'd like to really see what you are getting before you buy. I'm located in Trevs, E block 3rd floor room 6 - although for the length of the assassins death match (up to a month) I may be a bit reluctant to let people come in my room before I've prodded them with a piece of paper. It's all part of the CraftyMutt experience. Anyone worried they'll get lost in Trevs and isn't an assassin can contact me before hand, and I'll track you down and make sure you find your way back out :)

In even more news there should be a photo of Dragonite up here within days, seeing as he'll be leaving me very soon (I hope) for his new home :) next order - Schrödinger and his Cat-in-a-box!

Schrödinger's Cat after a night in Klute, handily
provided by Google images (from

I feel this blog needs more silly cats. I also feel my shop is woefully understocked, but I have been unable to knit anything new to put in it for a while now since I keep getting custom orders. Which is awesome, I love the great ideas people have and I love the challenge to pattern-design and knit something I didn't come up with. Any custom orders are extremely welcome through CraftyMutt's facebook page, now at, or e-mail to!

Boring Stuff About Free Delivery for Etsy
  • Only available in Term Time (ask if it's available outside term time, I may be around)
  • Only available to students (and residents should any turn up) of Durham City, within about 2-3 miles of Trevelyan College - I may have to cancel the order if I do not feel I can reach you and no offer is made to meet closer to Trevs.
  • Also applicable if you wish to pick something up from in Durham but live further out (e.g. Stockton campus or visiting Durham)
  • Provide any extra details of how you would like delivery in the "Note to seller" since I will not post to the address associated with the account, otherwise I shall start messaging you repeatedly until some way of giving you your purchase is sorted :)
  • No additional discount can be made on orders listed with free delivery to start with, but remember asking about making a custom order similar to something listed can usually get you the same thing at a better price as there are no site fees for orders handled outside Etsy.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Busy Getting Back to Durham

So obviously I've not been doing much in the past week or so :P I'm sure most of you reading this will know it's because I'll suddenly realise that I've not got much time left before I'm back up to Durham; I'm also finishing off Dragonite who I'd love to put a photo of up here but I've put my camera somewhere for packing. I'm particularly proud of his curvy antennae thingys (anyone know what they actually are?)

Random picture of Dragonite from google pictures.
I promise he looks like this, except knitted, and more... sat on the floor shaped, because knitted Dragonite's wings don't work very well; the holes in the fabric mean he can't fly.

So I've packed all my knitting things already, aside from three balls of wool - yellow, turquoise and white to finish his wings and feet before I'm off :) I should have finished him much earlier but the pattern bits I wrote are on a laptop I sent in for repair a month ago. If I don't get it back tomorrow I'll have to make do with my Photoshop-less, Microsoft Office-less and useful file-less new computer. It's not too bad, but I could really do with my internet bookmarks and my One Note files. I can still get on the internet and knit fine so I'm coping!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A Little Bit of Nintendo Crafting

I seem to have lost my camera, I'll need to track that down because I can't sell if I can't take a picture :P but I have managed to convince my webcam to take a just-about-in-focus photo of a few little things I've made today :)

Very Nintendo mood today, I'm really fond of the old school
style and will definitely be making more 8-bit loveliness

These will obviously be attached to keyrings, phone loops, perhaps something more exciting if someone has the idea that they'd like to buy a pair of coin with question blocks hanging below as earrings, or any accessory I can find an attachment for - I'm looking right now to get a whole load of the mini split rings to make cascade keyrings and necklaces!
Right now any other jewellery ideas will be made with up-cycled parts, but if this turns out to be particularly popular I'll source myself some like I have special key ring and phone loops!

Some of the above images are taken and some are not, but any image may be requested on any attachment and if it happens I've already sold it I'll run up another one :) yay for selling things!

Charm Prices
Number         Price
1 Charm         £1.50
2 Charms       £2.50
3 Charms       £3.00
Additional     +£1 each
Additionally should you need postage it's an extra £1 for a few charms, £1.50 for more than 5, and I'll get you a custom estimate for anything over 15 charms, but I promise it will always be nicely packaged :)
(postage for UK, get into contact for quote for other countries)

Also halfway through the page I lost whatever font I used to post in, it's possible I'll get it back, or it's possible I'll be posting in this font from now on... you see where the word "price" seems bigger than the word "number", it's where I tried to get clever with the html code.
I promise I'll leave you alone next time, strange font thing :P

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Recent Higgledy-Piggledy Crafts

I've just made quite a few random things... because making things is fun :P for reference if you like any of these they are already up on sale on Etsy, which means if you message me I can make you them for cheaper :P I'll give links and price estimates for all here because after all I am trying to be a business...

First new item - I had a nostalgic Zelda moment, and made some keyrings :) followed by getting a really random Portal excitement moment, and I made some more keyrings :D

As I'm selling them on Etsy it's a set of 3 for £5 including delivery - feel free to buy them there if that's what you want, but I think people I know would prefer an easier channel...

If you like them I'll can do it at £1.50 each or £4 for three (because people reading this usually don't want delivery and don't have to cover the cost of the item listing on Etsy)

This covers pretty much any keyringy thing, including pictures shown here or an image you've chosen yourself. Keyrings tend to be about 2cm, it's difficult to say when I make them big and shrink them down :P

And then shortly after this I got a Zelda nostalgia thing going on again... and decided to see if I could knit something even vaguely resembling Zelda fairys - based on the earlier styles rather than those creepy ones like in Wind Waker...

Fuzzy little Zelda-Style Fairy :)

So I've been quite busy and I'm hoping to make a whole lot more stuff really soon!