Sunday, 31 July 2011

Quick Update

FIRST I now have a million things to knit! Which is awesome, I intended to start today but my official return to knitting date so that's okay. I'm going to knit a little this evening at least :)

Second, so many other things have just popped up around the place if you feel like exploring. There's a new tab up at the top right where soon there will be several recent made projects, and any I made of my own decision will be offered for quick-sale there before I properly list them on the shop! They'll be cheaper before I have to take into account Etsy listing charges and such :)
There's also a tab on Crafty Mutt's facebook for things already on sale at Etsy, if you like something you see but want it a little different or without having to get an Etsy account I'm willing to make copies of items!

And finally, you've all probably noticed by this point that I've got home from Wales, so here's a photo of cute Welsh bunnies :P

They were such sweet little inquisitive babies ^_^

Friday, 22 July 2011

Week Away with Much Going On

Firstly, I shall be in Wales for the next week, so anything crafty you need will have to wait :P feel free to contact me still in the mean time, and I'll get right on it as soon as I'm back.
This is Bardsey Island with a cloud sat on it which is just off the end of the land where I'll be camping again.
Hopefully this year it'll be a bit clearer. Well, hopefully it'll be really really sunny :D

SO anything I've been making is going on pause, including a little lobster (80% physically existing, but still in about 4 bits) and this exciting project!
Mystery project is a complete mystery.

And on top of those I still have quite a few other things I meant to make, and I haven't even started on anything with my exciting new plastic eyes, and I want to make lots of tiny cat things because I have tiny silver bells to put on their collars X3 so cute.

And on top of THAT I have figured out how paypal works, so you can request absolutely anything you've seen (or even something you thought of yourself!) through facebook or emails, and don't need any shop hosting website! As long as you have paypal (I'm pretty sure most people do by now) you can have anything any time. No Etsy account creation necessary!
And there's always good old cash exchange, but I don't really want to getting money though the post because I can't be responsible if your money disappears in the post :(
Anyways, with this new development there will be (possibly tonight, but likely when I get back after Wales) a new tab to this blog, with information on policies for that sort of trade.

More cute critters to make it your way in about a week then :) meanwhile, I shall be off to make sure I've actually packed all the things I meant to...

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


This weekend I've been away chilling in Birmingham (and having the ends of my thumb and fingers attempt to grow back a layer of skin after working them so hard) and next weekend shall be off to Wales to see relative people and sheep!
So, tomorrow I aim to knit a load of rings to start them up as a special deal on my Etsy shop - 3 for £3!
This also means that although I intend to leave my shop open (seeing as I'm unlikely to sell anything) I won't be able to ship orders made from this weekend until the start of August.
I just wish I had more time since I just got hold of proper black plastic eyes, and want to make some adorable little creatures with them! Critters and cute things will be back on the agenda once I get back :)

In other news, I'm having another wander around TinyDeal (the Chinese wholesale website) which is full of crazy, cute and awesome things which I am trying not to buy too many of (little bit of a phone charm addiction). But tiny lightsaber looking glowy stick things for 88p each and free p&p on everything is really really tempting... again :D
Long postage time for UK worth it for the prices in my opinion, and I've not had trouble with delivery :)

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Exploring New Knits

Knitty Fingers!

I've made cute critters, I've made complex and difficult knits. I needed a break and something quick and simple :D so after a little look through my scraps and discovering a bag of pretty buttons I've been passed down, this idea has sprouted out.

After a couple of simple ones I decided to try a rainbow, and well you can see where that went X3

So now I've had a break from my usual knitting, some very exciting wrist warmers are still on the table, I want to make a lot of these rings because they're cheap and quick to make and post! Perfect for the shop :)


Saturday, 9 July 2011

Prize Winner and Every Single Creature!

The sparkly awesome brand new shop opening prize draw extravaganza is over! We've been open a whole week! Time to pick a winner!
And the winner of little Crafty Mutt and the discount is….

Jesss! :D :D :D  winning for you!
(Your number was picked first by!)

Congratulations! To claim your Mutt please e-mail me at sending the address you'd like your Mutt to be delivered to. I'll post him off as soon as I can, replying to your email when I do so and including in that the bonus discount code for use on Crafty Mutt's Shop!

And for everyone else don't be too sad, because some time this holiday there is likely to be a special blog-exclusive discount running - don't miss out!

And finally, check out all the creatures currently inhabiting Crafty Mutt's secret hideout - in a day or two Mutt will be gone, so here's a group photo while they're all still together!

In this photo; Siamese Kitty, Large Octopus, Young Cthulu, Orangecat, Red Square Dude, Blue Square Dude, Rainbow Bunny, Purple Square dude, Green Square Dude, Colourful Chameleon, Big Lobster, Yellow Butterfly, Daisy, Mini Green Cthulu, Tiny Cat, Crafty Mutt, Mini Blue Cthulu, Red Butterfly, Little Lion, Tiny Elephant, Tiny Octopus, Happy Strawberry, White Butterfly and Small Lobster!
Most on sale now, a few on sale as a pair or group :) I can't believe I've knitted so much!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Shop Open! Free Prize Draw!

Yes, two pieces of news; as you read this I am listing items up in the shop, and it is officially open.
Which I cannot actually believe is happening, this is one of those things I expected to be preparing for forever, but I've only been working for a couple of days! Shows what you can achieve when you work hard :)

Now, more importantly, and probably why most of you are still reading...

Free Prize Draw!

The prize is... your very own Crafty Mutt, and a special 10% discount code for my shop!

Crafty Mutt says hello!

How to Enter
Comment on this specific post, and possibly reference that you are excited to have a chance to win a tiny dog made of magic fuzzly felt. One entry per person, commenting more than once won't get you more entries :P (Entries also now being taken on a facebook post advertising the Crafty Mutt competition for ease of entry)

How the Winner Will be Chosen
Random number generator; once the closing date has passed I will put every person who's commented name in a list and give you all a number, and the person next to the number picked by my favourite internet number generator will be the winner!

How to Claim Your Prize
I will ask the winner to e-mail me their address, so don't enter if you don't want to send a stranger your address, although I promise not to misuse your personal information! He will be posted to you as soon as possible and then you may celebrate your victory with your new friend. The discount code will be in the e-mail too :)

Closing Date
Midnight at the end of next Saturday (as in the one between Saturday and Sunday) on the 9th September July.
Just in case you live somewhere with different time, this is midnight GMT - earlier than American midnight, that's all I know :P

Get your entry in now! And while you wait for the result, check out the shop! Link to the top right of the page :)

And Finally (not competition related)
Thank you to everyone who's helped me get this to the stage of actually opening a shop, I've had a lot of input from different people and everyone's been really supportive! Especially Alex, who I've bothered about an awful lot over the past few days, you've been really patient :P thank you.

Friday, 1 July 2011

So Much Knitting

So in an effort to get up and running as quickly as possible, I am knitting non-stop, but I'm having a lot of fun too. Meet all the new critters waiting for the shop to open so they can get out go to a new exciting home!

We have Brimstone the Butterfly on a daisy, Large White the other butterfly, a new born little Cthulu, Tiny Kitty who wants to live on your phone, Little Lion and Tiny Elephant who are both very excited and finally Happy Strawberry with his leaf.
More are to come soon, more tomorrow, and then there should be enough of them to open shop... don't forget to look out for the prize giveaway when it does, one lucky person will be the new owner of a currently mystery critter, don't miss it!