Sunday, 18 December 2011

Back to the Freezer House

So I'm back in Preston, and didn't realise just how cold it would be. Unlike Trevs where I can have my radiator on whenever I want and make my room warm without affecting everyone else the radiators here are either all on or all off... and don't make stuff very warm either :( Maybe I am just too used to living on the third floor where I get everyone's leftover heat.
Fortunately it was my birthday on the 16th and so yesterday I came home to awesome presents, one of which I think it the most awesome thing that has ever existed :D he's just one of those microwave warmy things, but he's the cutest one ever and very very useful right now ^_^ I have just microwaved him and put him in my hoodie, and when I have warmed up a bit more I will finish the last of the gauntlet gloves orders I have for now intending to post tomorrow :)
And then another pair of gloves, and Cthulu (need to find suitable wool :S) and a whole bunch of other things... I thought I'd be straight back to knitting random stuff as soon as I got home, but I'm still fairly busy. It's fun though to still have stuff to knit and make :)

Oh, and I think I showed a little pink axolotl recently, well I've finished a green friend axolotl and sent them off hopefully in time to be a Christmas present! I thought they were so cute XD a very well made pattern by a fellow internet-based crocheter, just look how cute they are;

I think they look like cute little alien axolotls, especially with
the random starry background (which is actually my dressing gown)

So hopefully when I get settled in and figure out what is going on I will be able to start back working towards that 1000 blog visits prize thingy, which has been repeatedly put off due to so many orders and cute stuff :P I promise I will get there eventually, it's just a long process ^_^ hope you can make it when I get there!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Spider Infestation Relocation

The bad news is that I have just discovered tens of tiny spiders around the ceiling of my room, hanging down on tiny threads, creeping around on their tiny legs and creeping their way over my stuff...

The slightly good news is that they are very tiny and not very creepy looking or fast yet. They just look like tiny black dots that slowly bumble along the corner of my cieling and occasionally hover a foot below my ceiling. Which I am not keen on, because if they get much closer I will walk into them :(

The good news is I have moved all my knitty things, all the stuff people have ordered and stuff I'm making and put it in another room, because the last thing I want to do is give people little surprise pets with their order (unless you want one, feel free to ask about getting one or two or twenty as pets :P)

It's also good news that if I need the porter will find me a room to put all my stuff if it turns out it's so bad that I need to get everything out and sleep somewhere else for a while, but I really don't want to carry my room contents up and down stairs again. No. Nooooo. I already did that once. It was bad. I would massively appreciate some help if it gets that bad. I will give you bacon and a party bag (bacon only for people who can be on Trevs back lawn 1.30 - 4.30 on Sunday, everyone is invited anyway)

I was going to include a picture of a spider but it was too creepy. Here's something else from Google's endless photo pile instead;