Sunday, 18 December 2011

Back to the Freezer House

So I'm back in Preston, and didn't realise just how cold it would be. Unlike Trevs where I can have my radiator on whenever I want and make my room warm without affecting everyone else the radiators here are either all on or all off... and don't make stuff very warm either :( Maybe I am just too used to living on the third floor where I get everyone's leftover heat.
Fortunately it was my birthday on the 16th and so yesterday I came home to awesome presents, one of which I think it the most awesome thing that has ever existed :D he's just one of those microwave warmy things, but he's the cutest one ever and very very useful right now ^_^ I have just microwaved him and put him in my hoodie, and when I have warmed up a bit more I will finish the last of the gauntlet gloves orders I have for now intending to post tomorrow :)
And then another pair of gloves, and Cthulu (need to find suitable wool :S) and a whole bunch of other things... I thought I'd be straight back to knitting random stuff as soon as I got home, but I'm still fairly busy. It's fun though to still have stuff to knit and make :)

Oh, and I think I showed a little pink axolotl recently, well I've finished a green friend axolotl and sent them off hopefully in time to be a Christmas present! I thought they were so cute XD a very well made pattern by a fellow internet-based crocheter, just look how cute they are;

I think they look like cute little alien axolotls, especially with
the random starry background (which is actually my dressing gown)

So hopefully when I get settled in and figure out what is going on I will be able to start back working towards that 1000 blog visits prize thingy, which has been repeatedly put off due to so many orders and cute stuff :P I promise I will get there eventually, it's just a long process ^_^ hope you can make it when I get there!

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