Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Photo Catchup - 100% More Ponies

So I finally got round to writing another post after having a bit of a holiday from much serious knitting work (partly because I didn't have space to take much wool home) but it's really just a look back to what I did last term and haven't got round to showing yet.

Twilight Sparkle, AppleJack and Derpy Hooves finally unveiled :D

I'm pretty sure I sold these long ago enough that I can show pictures now, because I am super excited about how the came out and I've been keeping them secret for long enough now.

I'm really surprised how they came out, especially their eyes which I had been putting off for weeks while I worked my way through the rest of the project. Interestingly I was set to make one of each of the types of pony; a Pegasus, a Unicorn and an Earth pony, so each one is a bit different.

I have a lot of other things I made for Christmas, but I seem not to have got many photos :(
If anyone has anything that you haven't seen a photo of here and you could take a photo and send it me that'd be great, because I'd love to include more photos of stuff I've made, because photos make everything more interesting :)

I think after all those ponies I need to make some more octopuses, dinosaurs and random inanimate objects (I believe I've been sort of challenged to knit a working gun) to balance it out, hopefully the next post will be quite different :P

I've also just realised that I have an awful lot of orders to knit again now that I'm back at Trevs, I'll get round to them as soon as I can since I couldn't take much home for the holiday. I might finally get round to that competition too, which might turn out to be after 2000 views instead of 1000, but I promise I am having some sort of pretty big prize thingy as soon as possible!

Finally, one of the last things I finished before last term, thanks to the owner for the photo (I forgot to take any photos again :P)

Totoro chilling over the holidays with his new owner :)

He made me think about how it would be really fun to try and knit the Catbus... not sure how possible it is, and not sure if I'll get much time with all my orders, prize making, other ideas to make and of course my degree work :P Maybe someday I'll get round to him!

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