Thursday, 9 February 2012

Cthulhus Everywhere and Trevs Art Exhibition

Three little Cthulhus standing in a line :D

I enjoy making little Cthulhus, they're fast and pretty easy to make (the littlest one actually being more difficult) so it's good for while I'm figuring out what I'm doing with some more complex designs and orders I'm working on right now. Hopefully soon there will be a few more elaborate exciting things to show off too since they're all coming along quite nicely!

Little tiny Cthulhu is a quite revamped design of my original tiny Cthulhus, which had fewer less loopy tentacles and was much more complex to make.
Clearly what he needed was a fresh design of new super tangly tentacles ready for terrorising the world in his own tiny way from the comfort of being a keyring :D

Finally for today (as this is just a little update) there is an art exhibition going on in Trevs bar for the next month or so, with the preview opening thingy something this Sunday! I have no idea if this has been well advertised or anything, but they asked to display my painting of Trevs Back Lawn which has been made into postcards. They've even framed it apparently! I'll get to see what they've done to it on Sunday, as can everyone else I think if you fancy. I'm hoping there will be free nibbles, but I can't quite remember if that's what's actually happening of if I just made it up because I wanted them.

Here's a mini version of the image, now available for sale in aid of some Trevs thing in postcard form in the Buttery and will be hanging on the bar wall for a while if you fancy a better look :P

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