Friday, 9 March 2012

End Project, Begin Knitting (And Shooting)

So, after many weeks of pretty much no activity my huge engineering project that I was doing all the work for the meant I couldn't do knitting is for all intents and purposes over :D

If anyone was super interested here's the picture from
the front page of our report with our product on

Probably more interestingly is that I can now upload all things and stuff, and make all things and stuff too! I should be done with lots of hard work for now but I have a pretty big project that I want completed before I get on the train this evening and (for some reason I don't know why I thought I would be remotely in a state to do this) go spend a weekend running around Leeds slaughtering anybody who thinks they compare to Durham Assassins. It's part of my job. (My job of being Sarah. But if people would come vote for me at the Assassins AGM then it would be my job as social secretary which I would love to be!)

Next on the agenda; Octopuses, Octopi or Octopodes?
Are any of those words even spelled right?

Here are all the octo(insert pluralising suffix)

They aren't completely random, I'm trying to sell them. They're pretty random. The bow isn't included. If anybody wants to give me £4.50 for a little octopus, or £8 for the big one, then you may has an octopus. You can't have the bow, I just put it on because it looked really really cute...

That's it for now, I am a little bit confused and dazed because all I can think about are traffic lights and going back to sleep.

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