Saturday, 31 March 2012

CraftyMutt likes TwirlyTrinkets

TwirlyTrinkets sells beautiful things on both Etsy and as I discovered when looking for a TwirlyTrinkets image for this post also on eBay too!

Yes, I've been buying things on the internet again, and I liked the things and the seller so much that I thought I would review them, seeing as I am having a slightly knittingy brain blockingy time and I'm not capable of turning out any of the things I need to knit to blog about :( but I will sort myself out later, right now I have pretty jingly things to talk about!

FIRST there are much better pictures of the chokers in the shop, as I am incapable of pointing the camera at my neck and getting any sort of decent image, so I'm linking to the chokers when mentioned so you can see what it looks like properly :)

I have so far bought five chokers from TwirlyTrinkets shop, who I happily discovered when looking for some sort of Egyptian accessory to wear for the first session of Game Socs infamous 24 hour RPG; I am an artist proud of my Egyptian heritage chosen to take part in a ground breaking space program using normal people.

After finding quite a lot of pretty Egyptiany things I stumbled into TwirlyTrinkets's Ankh choker, it was nice and simple so I could wear it for more than just the game and it was beautiful. I loved it! I also decided I would also quite like a few other things from the shop, so after adding them in I sent off my order and waited.

Within a very short time period I received a friendly message that my chokers were ready and off to the post office, and another shortly after that told me they were in the on their way! I was so excited when they arrived :D

The Ankh choker was even better than I expected from the photos, there's something you can't get from a photo about the feel of a nice quality product, which these chokers certainly are :)

The ribbon used had a lovely soft feel, and after wearing a few times it's gotten a little more flexible so even more comfortable to wear.

I love the charm , it's got a spotty detail to it that gives it some detail to the basic shape that set it apart from others.

The Bell Chokers also had a good feel to them and make a lovely jingly noise.

The ribbons for these larger bells are extra wide and very comfortable to wear day to day, I would barely notice I was wearing them if there wasn't jingling when I move :)

Something I didn't even notice originally (which was rather silly of me really) was that these also had little bells at the end of the extension chain at the back which jingle away behind you when you wear them! (This is one of my favourite things)

The lobster clasp at the back of each choker feels very sturdy and looks like it should definitely last. There's a loop for the clasp at the base of the extension chain, but you can also hook the clasp anywhere along the chain to give a little extra room if you wanted it.

When I'm sleepy it's sometimes a bit awkward to get it closed, but normally I don't have any problems :)

All these were ordered in the standard 13" length offered and fitted me very comfortably, but the maker offers to make them in your own size if you need it longer or shorter, which is really good for a choker to make sure it fits you perfectly.
I also ordered all three in the colour advertised, however I decided that in my next order I decided to take advantage of the "choose any other colour if you prefer" system.

After just a quick look through the many products in the shop I found a beautiful Key Charm and a really cute fish-bell Kitty Collar style choker, so those were next on my list! Again the messages were friendly and the delivery was very quick, and very soon I had my latest purchase :)

I loved both of them again, every component used in each item I have purchased has such a nice feel and look sbeautiful. The different colour I had chosen was just as I'd hoped from the photo I selected it, and it was made up as requested almost instantly!

Overall I've had a brilliant time ordering from this shop, the products are lovely, very competitively priced and the sales are handled so pleasantly - I feel confident that if I had had any problems they would have been dealt with quickly and fairly too! The products are packaged with a lot of care and you can feel the effort that has gone into making the item and delivering it safely, and it's a delight to receive - I would even say that the standard packaging is perfect for delivery as a gift straight to the receiver!
I'm so pleased in fact that I may have ordered something again, this time a rather custom special order that I have been told will be unique because it's used up the last of the fishy charms that were available (oops) I will probably post photos of this too when it arrives, which should be very early next week Royal Mail permitting :)

Now, in other CraftyMutt news I'm still working on a big complex project and generally only able to take on simple, well defined and similar to an existing pattern commissions right now as I endeavour to get this challenge completed. I really hope it gets done soon because it's getting to the stage where I look at it and think it's looking quite good now, but there are still more bits to add and I'm getting to the end of my ability to process the shapes >-< but I am CraftyMutt, and knitting will be done, and challenges will (eventually) always be overcome!

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