Tuesday, 24 April 2012

More About Scale Mail

Update: the DIY scale mail page and pattern mentioned in this post are finished! Check out the button over there on the left to learn yourself some scaly goodness ^_^ now back to the original post...

Firstly, I'm not even sure if it's supposed to be spelled scale mail or scale maille, but I go for mail because I just did. But that aside this is probably the more popular thing here, even more than the free patterns page.
Why? Because firstly it's fairly unusual, and secondly (and likely stemming from point one) lots of people want to know how to breed bits of metal and wool for themselves to make their very own shiny, scaly creations.

A very shiny, scaly creation

So you think I'm going to give away any of my secret to how to make shiny things? Well, for the most part I'm quite keen to. My super secret recipe that I use to make the gloves how I actually make them as customers buy will never go on sale (partially because I have no way to make any pattern based off it comprehensible) but I do however have a patten in the works for a fully saleable version that will make almost complete sense! Best of all, it's designed with simplicity in mind; I fully intend for this pattern to be feasibly done by complete beginners. No seriously. This pattern will be written as basic as possible, only use knit stitches, and include a section of "notes for beginner scale knitters".

Scales -> Gloves but in a way that will make sense

In addition to that (and this will all  be entirely free) I'm also (slowly) working on a new tabby page for DIY knitting scale mail with tutorials and things. There will be at least a text description of "How to insert a scale onto your knitting on a knit stitch" and similar for purl, preferably accompanied by photos and hopefully there will eventually be video tutorials to make sure everyone can do it! I have a few other things in line for the page, but that's the main part.
***EDIT: It's up there right now! Check out "DIY Scale Mail" in the tabs at the top left :D***I

So I'm going to get back to my current projects, the latest gloves are doing well :) and then I will be sleepy and go to bed. So here is google's finest sleepy puppy.

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