Thursday, 30 June 2011

Great Fun, Amazing Progress

Many many things are happening, all at once it seems!

I now have a completely new item, made just today just for sale in my upcoming shop, and those of you who made it here from Deviantart will probably have had a sneaky peek of it. Many new items to follow, at least two per day!

I also have a completely new knitting and crochet book, with stunning patterns and it's just packed with inspiration for new small, cute things to make.

And less important, but fun for me I have made a third version of the title image, now Crafty Mutt has left muddy pawprints all over my nice clean blog page, but he's too cute for me to be mad at him :)

And finally, and most importantly, an announcement that I shall be holding a competition (random prize draw) for the grand opening of my shop, giving away an as of yet mystery cute thing to one lucky winner! Judging by my current progress, I'd estimate this to be sometime within the next few days, so don't forget to look out for the grand opening announcement to have a chance of winning a fabulous prize!

Good Luck!

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