Saturday, 2 July 2011

Shop Open! Free Prize Draw!

Yes, two pieces of news; as you read this I am listing items up in the shop, and it is officially open.
Which I cannot actually believe is happening, this is one of those things I expected to be preparing for forever, but I've only been working for a couple of days! Shows what you can achieve when you work hard :)

Now, more importantly, and probably why most of you are still reading...

Free Prize Draw!

The prize is... your very own Crafty Mutt, and a special 10% discount code for my shop!

Crafty Mutt says hello!

How to Enter
Comment on this specific post, and possibly reference that you are excited to have a chance to win a tiny dog made of magic fuzzly felt. One entry per person, commenting more than once won't get you more entries :P (Entries also now being taken on a facebook post advertising the Crafty Mutt competition for ease of entry)

How the Winner Will be Chosen
Random number generator; once the closing date has passed I will put every person who's commented name in a list and give you all a number, and the person next to the number picked by my favourite internet number generator will be the winner!

How to Claim Your Prize
I will ask the winner to e-mail me their address, so don't enter if you don't want to send a stranger your address, although I promise not to misuse your personal information! He will be posted to you as soon as possible and then you may celebrate your victory with your new friend. The discount code will be in the e-mail too :)

Closing Date
Midnight at the end of next Saturday (as in the one between Saturday and Sunday) on the 9th September July.
Just in case you live somewhere with different time, this is midnight GMT - earlier than American midnight, that's all I know :P

Get your entry in now! And while you wait for the result, check out the shop! Link to the top right of the page :)

And Finally (not competition related)
Thank you to everyone who's helped me get this to the stage of actually opening a shop, I've had a lot of input from different people and everyone's been really supportive! Especially Alex, who I've bothered about an awful lot over the past few days, you've been really patient :P thank you.


  1. As I just said, the dog is ADORABLE! As is the green thing (I'm not sure what it is) on the shop page!

  2. I am excited to have a chance to win a tiny dog made of magic fuzzly felt!
    Also he actually is adorable (:

  3. I'd like to enter the competition please.
    :D :D :D

  4. on behalf of someone who can't comment but still wants to enter we have Kitty entered for the draw :)
    yay for four people who have entered!
    I so excited X3

  5. Great giveaway, count me in pwease :3 I'd love to win!
    And btw, just added you to my devwatch list XD I'm

  6. I'm very excited at the chance of winning a tiny dog of magic fuzzly felt!

    I really hope this is successful for you :D

  7. Definitely excited at the chance of winning this tiny dog made of magic fuzzy felt!!