Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Make All the Stuff (now on Youtube but not really)

 A few photos have been popping up on the facebook page these last few days from a couple of little projects I've been doing with NerdEast in mind. Most exciting for me is probably the scale mail pouch, which I've been thinking about for a long time but never really got round to having a go at. Making a lot of little things is always fun because the variety stops me getting too tired of any one thing ^_^

All the projects :D

I also went shopping today to get hold of a few useful things, from a Mandarin book to help me when I'm off to China in June to studying snacks. I came across something very interesting in my little diversion though; I'm now the owner of a little eyelet pressing kit. If I have time later today I'll edit this post to include a photo of the results of using that to make a simple little drawstring pouch or something like that.

EDIT: I wanted to make a thing but I thought it is late and people will probably be cross at me if I start using the sewing machine because it is all noisy and bad, so I made a CraftyMutt youtube channel instead, which eventually decided to reside at
But there's nothing there yet :( because it is night and I cannot make a video of knitting at night. It will probably stay like this until after exams.
POST EDIT: I just re-read what I posted and that made very little sense probably because I am very sleepy. Just so nobody worries I don't mean that it is night time and will probably stay like that until after exams, I just meant the channel would be empty. But at least I decorated it with some bones and stuff so it looks pretty.

Also I will do all the revision. But crafting is the perfect revision break (also watching kittens) so I've found my output has increased while my revision is in this relaxed revising time, it's still over a week before any exams start for me!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

New Things and Stuff

So a whole bunch of stuff has been happening! And here is a summary, so that everything of interest will hopefully get through to those who are interested in it. GO!

Update to Scale Mail commission guide page. There is less confusing text and more pictures! Also added an up to date list of what scales are currently in my bag, as well as the notification of any colours that may be out of stock with the supplier (still no bronze scales which is sad) and included a postage cost table in the inevitable small print section.

New section for DIY Scale Mail! This currently has a how to of adding scales for knit and purl stitches, which I'm looking to add photos to, and the link to my source for scales. I hope someday to have links to fully video tutorials hosted on CraftyMutt's very own Youtube channel as previously mentioned, but that's a more long term goal. Feedback and suggestions for what to add next very welcome!

Additionally I'm looking for a tester to try out my currently text-only Scale Mail Glove Pattern and give as much feedback as they can think of. In return you get to keep the pattern for yourself and will be first to receive a completed copy. Anybody interested get in touch!

I have booked a stall at Nerd East, so will be selling ready made things in person on a tiny stall at the event! I don't have time to make much stock for a big stall, and I'm only one person pretending to be a business so it's all I need really.
Plan is to bring a few pairs of ready made scale mail gloves (including the famous rainbow ones) and be ready to take custom orders on the day. Probably some octoplurals too, because who doesn't want a tiny snuggly octopus?!

In closing, I also made some stuff. Yay!

(These pictures would have been links but apparently that's not allowed)