Friday, 1 June 2012

How to make a tiny crochet pikachu tail

Sometimes I get some interesting searches lead to my blog. Apparently recently somebody wound up here looking for a pattern for a tiny crochet pikachu tail, but despite my photos of a tiny crochet pikachu there is no pattern!
Tiny Pikachu's tail

I like to pay attention to what searches lead here so I can put more of what people are looking for when they find me, so dear whoever was looking for a tiny crochet pikachu tail pattern... you could try this!

(This pattern is 100% improvised, and 0% guaranteed to work, but it's a starting point and someday soon I'll test it and verify if it's a valid pattern or not!)

With brown yarn - chain 3 and turn
1. Miss first chain and SC in the next two chains, switch to yellow (just hook from some yellow yarn instead of the brown tail, you'll have two tails dangling around but you'll sort this later) chain 3 and turn
2. Miss first chain and SC in next two chains and in first SC of brown yarn (3sc total), turn
3. SC in each of three SC of previous row, chain 5
4. Miss first chain and SC in 4 chain stitches, SC in next two SC of previous row, turn
5. SC in 6 SC of previous row, cut tail and bind off.
Sew in the yellow tail you just made, and tie the brown and yellow tails at the bottom together (with a reef knot probably) and you can use either of these or the starting tail to stitch it onto pikachu however you like, then sew them all in and cut the last threads off!

NB: When I say SC (single crochet) I mean this, since there are variations in crochet on what single, double,  treble and everything can mean. I also recommend you insert the hook beneath both loops because it's small and needs to hold it's shape!

So....... enjoy?!

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  1. You are a lifesaver:D This saved me a lot of trial and error to make a little chibi pikachu for my cousin (which is great, since we all know 8 year olds are lacking in patience:P)