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Ordering Scale Mail Gloves

Here's a helpful guide to all the options when you're custom ordering scale mail gloves
All images can be clicked to see in full screen for much better detail!

Here are the things you'll need to consider in a suitable order:
1. Glove Length
2. Hand Size
3. Scale Direction
4. Scale Colour and Pattern
5. Yarn Colour

Each of these is gone through in detail here, so you know exactly what you're getting :) but don't forget that I always e-mail you about what I've interpreted for your order and how I'll be doing it, so you can correct me at any time! Orders do not have to stick to the original ordered description, as long as you reply to me with any changes when I ask ^_^
Got a request that's not covered here, like a custom length glove, or perhaps scales all the way around? Ask me about your options for a more personalised order!

1. Glove Length
Price (for pair)
Postage cost
Regular (6.5 inches)


Long (9 inches)


Extra Long (12 inches)



Regular gloves cover your hand and wrist
Long gloves cover up to about halfway down the forearm
Extra Long gloves cover most of the forearm to the elbow

2. Hand Size
This is where you make sure your glove fits. You can choose from any of the basic glove sizes available, or you can choose the "other" option and add your exact hand size to the additional information box you will be given during purchase. (If you can't find it don't worry, I'll make sure to ask when I get to you about your order)

To measure your hand size take a tape measure (or piece of string if you only have a ruler) and wrap it around the knuckles at the base of your fingers. This should be the widest point on your hand not including the thumb. Check yourself against this chart:

6.5 - 7 inch
7 - 7.5 inch
7.5 - 8.5 inch
X Large
8.5 - 9.5 inch

3. Scale Direction
Do you want your scales to go up your arm towards your elbow, or down your arm towards your fingers?
If you're not sure which, up the arm is my standard as it's a little less in the way of your fingers. Both are comfortable to wear and look awesome, it just depends on your personal preference.
  Up towards elbow                           Down towards fingers

4. Scale Colour and Pattern
This is the most exciting part! There are a whole bunch
of colour options as you can seeI can make orders
that only require scales I already have quicker!
If you want a rush order please contact to see what my
current stock is - I try to have a good amount of every
colour, but it fluctuates a lot!
Available: RedOrangeGoldGreenBluePurple,
PinkSilvery-gold, Brushed Aluminium,
Mirror Aluminium, Black, Bronze

In addition to plain colours of those just mentioned you can choose to have several colours in a pattern, and all patterns can be adapted for any size of gloves :) any requests are welcome, so here are a few examples to help you imagine what your pattern might look like!
         Flame - red, orange, black          Random rainbow - every colour scale
         Chevron; black, red                      Solid colour - brushed silver
Flame - blue, gold, silver                         Zigzag - green/purpleii
If you would like to be sent a blank scale pattern chart to colour yourself for me to follow directly, just ask!

5. Yarn Colour
Now you know what colour scales you want it should be easy to decide which base colour matches best with your choices.
I have several variegated yarns (with subtle or contrasting variations in colour throughout) and two solid colours;
Solid: Black, White (both contain wool)
One-tone Variegated: Gray, Sky BlueGreen, Red, Purple, Brown, Sandy
Multi-tone Variegated: Purple/Black,  Purple/Blue/Turquoise/Green
All coloured yarns are 100% synthetic and suitable for people with wool allergies!
For an additional £1.50 I can get in any of the other colours in the MC Chunky range, ask about setting up a custom order
Example Images of Yarns
          Black                                        GreenSky Blue

  Purple/Blue/Turquoise/Green                             Grayfffffffffffffffff

If you have any questions still unanswered, or want to ask about anything before you're happy to order, please e-mail or talk to CraftyMutt on facebook!

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