Thursday, 11 October 2012

Fully Scaled Gloves Priced

NB: This page is left up for completion sake, but most information is well out of date - all prices are changed, and there is now one price band for each length, regardless of size

Fully scaled gloves scales go down the back of the hand the same as standard scaled gloves, however they also have scales starting below the base of the palm and continuing right down the front of the arm too. The palm being plain means it's still comfortable and easy enough to grab your sword/nerf gun/magic staff/pet dragon by the scruff for misbehaving!

I'd like to make the "full scaled" gloves a more easy-to-order thing, and although it's a bit too complex for a "Buy Now" button I can now give a price guide and recommend anyone who wants one send a convo to ask on Etsy for a custom listing for all around scales.
So, without too much more waffling and explanation, here's my latest and hopefully not to confusing price chart!

Fully Scaled Gloves - Price for each hand size and glove length
(postage not included, ranges £3 - 10)

X Large
 X Long
For only back-scaled gloves see Ordering Scale Mail Gloves

As you can see, for these gloves it does matter what size you need, because if I need to cover all the way around a glove that's an inch larger that takes a whole stripe of a couple of scales wide!

As usual we have hand size, measured around the knuckles at the base of your fingers, picking the right size band from this chart:
6.5 - 7 inch
7 - 7.5 inch
7.5 - 8.5 inch
X Large
8.5 - 9.5 inch

And glove length along the arm, which is approximately how far down it will reach starting at your knuckles:
6.5 inch
9 inch
X Long
12 inch

This is a Medium sized glove in X Long length, so it's price is £48!

More example images to be added as I knit them, I've got a regular length pair of small gloves on the way. Also, I really want to make a full round scale version of the super shiny rainbow pattern I just made for a standard back-scaled glove!

This has a plain knit front right now, but someday
I'll design one with scaled right down from the wrist!

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