Thursday, 28 February 2013

March 2013 Re-Pricing - All scale items, new scale items

As of 2014, prices in this post are no longer accurate
however this post is still here for reference

Things are changing. I've been making scale mail gloves and other items for over a year now, and started to realise that the prices I started off with aren't quite sustainable any more

Mostly I didn't realise how much time they take to do when I'm at the stage of having a bunch of orders at once, so as I've previously warned on Facebook (where you should be if you want frequent, up to date information and photos, because it's fast to work with) I need to change my prices for all things scale-mail.
And, as you've probably guessed, they'll be going up, not down.

Scroll down for lots of pictures of pretty scaly things, many of which haven't made their way onto this blog yet!

I'm also changing slightly how pricing works, making only one price band for all sizes of fully scaled gloves, to make it easier to understand and generally fairer for people with bigger hands. See the very bottom of the page for postage estimates.

New Price Charts - March 2013
Scaled Gloves (price for Pair)

Half Scaled
Fully Scaled
Regular (6 1/2")
Long (9")
X Long (12")

Glove Notes: The measurement in brackets refers to the length of the glove along the arm, different hand sizes of one length are all the same price :)
Regular covers the hand and a couple of inches of the wrist, Long covers about 3/4 of the forearm, X Long covers most of the forearm. These are approximations, not minimum guaranteed lengths - the actual length is too dependant on the wearer. With narrow arms, your gloves will go slightly further along your arms, and with wide arms they'll be a little shorter.

"Half scaled" refers to the standard style gloves with scales up the back and plain knitting on the wrists.
"Fully scaled" refers to the special gloves with scales all the way around the gloves, with only the palm bare. There are nearly twice as many scales in the full scaled as the half, hence almost twice the price.

Scaled Pouches
Small (1 1/2")
Medium (2 1/2")
Large (4")
Pouch Notes: The measurement for pouches refers to the natural opening size of the pouch, and approximate diameter of the pouch which is approximately spherical in shape. Different proportions available on request - just send a message about custom orders to CraftyMutt's facebook.

Other Items - Preliminary Prices

Wristband (single)
Wristband (pair)

Other Item Notes: The measurement at the top gives the width of the band. Each item is fully scaled around, in the case of wristband and headband they stretch into place. In the case of the choker, there are eyelets at the back, laced up with either a ribbon or leather string (on request, depending on availability)
These prices are preliminary only, and may be adjusted at any time.

Wondering what the stuff described looks like? Here are a few photos - click them to get into the slideshow for a much better look :) I don't have photos of every option of every item, particularly I don't have photos of some of the new items yet, but I post photos in the ScaleMail album on facebook of pretty much everything as it's made, so if you want to see the new things soon that's the place to watch!

 Regular length, half scaled (£24)

Regular length, fully scaled (£39)

Long length, half scaled (£30)

Long length, fully scaled (rainbows :D) (£54)

X Long length, half scaled (£37)

X Long length, fully scaled (£73)

Small pouch vs Large pouch (no medium pouch photo yet though) 
Large pouch open, with some dice in, and pressed flat

Other Items / Group shots

Matching set - 2" choker (£12) and headband (£16)
X Long gloves half scaled (£37)

Eyelet and threading on 2" choker (£12)

Custom Request Items
I can't always take custom requests, and they often take at least two months of work to make, but I love making new things when I can! Prices for custom items are generated on request, depending on complexity and size of item.
Hand-held pangolin, in prototype stage
I intend to make this little one available for regular request when it's proper patterned,
at which point he will get a proper price 

Pauldron, available again on request
price subject to much variation until I've got a solid pattern down for it though!

And Finally a Note on Postage
Obviously, most people are going to want their items sending to them. I'm situated in the UK, and for anything other than standard orders (one pair of regular, long, or x long half scaled gloves) I get custom postage costs for each time. As an estimate though;
Postage within the UK is around £3 for a pair of half-scaled gloves to £10 for large items (x long fully scaled gloves and matching accessories, for example) and takes a few days
Postage within EU is around £6-12 for the same range of items, and takes around a week
Postage outside EU is around £6-15 for the same range of items, and takes around one to three weeks depending on the country and the time of year

This covers standard first class mail (airmail if abroad). On request I can send items using tracked or speedy services, just ask before you buy anything and I'll get you the price for whatever postage you want - be warned that it can get pretty expensive really fast!


  1. I would love a pangolin (armadillo) and hope you get them patterned and available soon.

    1. Working on getting the needle sizes right, I'm just about finished with the last pattern so this on is next up!