Friday, 6 December 2013

Ordering Scale Mail Baby Dragons

There are three main areas to consider when you are designing your baby dragon; the scales, the skin, and the features (click any photo for full view)

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1. Scale Colours
Baby dragons have four "areas" of scales; the front, back, main wing, and wing bars, and between these can have one or two different colours.

Default single scale colour dragon (silver scales, purple yarn)

Default dual colour dragon (orange colour 1, red colour 2) 

As default, if you choose two colours, colour 1 will be assigned to the back and the main wing, and colour 2 for the front and the wing bars, however you can request custom arrangement of the two colours over the four areas, or even to mix it up all together with any ratio.

One possible custom colour arrangement

If you want to request a custom arrangement, please make sure to include it in checkout, or e-mail additional information to

Baby dragons can sit up on soft surfaces like pillows

2. Skin Colour
This is the yarn that your baby dragon will be knit onto, forming the skin between the scales. There are a range of solid, single-colour variegated, and multi-colour variegated to choose from.
Choosing a specific colour is optional, particularly useful if you want a contrasting skin colour (for example the silver scaled dragon with purple skin), but if not specified the best match will be used automatically.
You can choose one of the following (other colours may be available, feel free to ask before hand)
Solid: Black, White (both contain wool)
One-tone Variegated: Gray, Sky BlueGreen, RedPurpleBrownSandy
Multi-tone Variegated: Purple/Black,  Purple/Blue/Turquoise/Green
All coloured yarns are 100% synthetic and suitable for people with wool allergies!

Baby dragons will happily sit in your hand

3. Feature Colours
To fully personalise your dragon, you can specify colours for the claws, horns, and eyes. Again, if not specified a complimentary match will be used automatically, so feel free to be as specific or vague as you like. A wide range of colours are available, and each feature can be a different colour!
Horns - as standard the dragon has two horns on the head both in the same colour
Claws - as standard the dragon has four claws on each hind foot, and four finger claws and a thumb claw on each front foot, all in the same colour
Eyes - as standard the dragon has two eyes in the eye colour with a hilight to give the dragon more expression

Baby dragons love to curl up with friends at nap time

4. Further Customisation
Still missing something you want? Maybe a really long tail, a fuzzy little dragon-beard, or just more than two colours? Feel free to send in more customised requests directly to, and they'll be priced according to the extra materials and time. In general unless your change is substantial you shouldn't find the price increases by much.

Baby dragons, if handled properly, will not scratch or bite
even with their hard scaly skin

Please note: these baby dragons, like any young animal, are not suitable for children's toys! They have lots of metal bits (including pipe-cleaner wing supports) and although generally sturdy can be hurt if treated badly. They can also hurt you a back if you squeeze or poke them hard, but will cause no harm if handled with consideration.

Custom Scale Mail Knitted Baby Dragon - Knit to Order (£40)
(allow up to 5 weeks to make, not including postage time)
Don't forget to specify a skin colour, and horn, claw, and eye colours if
you have them in  mind, otherwise they will be coordinated to your scales

Scale Colour 1
Scale Colour 2
Colour Arrangement

(Basic postage additional £8, please e-mail if you require tracking)


  1. What pattern did you use for the dragon?

    1. There's no real pattern yet, although I'm working on one - it's pretty unconventional so it's taking a lot of time to write a concise explanation of some of the things! (sorry this reply is extremely late it's a bit too easy to miss comments on all the various posts here!)

  2. Are you still making dragons?