Saturday, 14 December 2013

Re-Pricing and Special Offer

I'm not sure if the rules changed, or if they've just started being more thorough, but I seem to be getting more and more customs charges on delivery of my scales, and as such I've had to re-calculate prices for almost everything.

Pouches and chokers will be similarly adjusted, although neck pieces and baby dragons won't be significantly changed, if at all (they were priced up more recently with reference to the increasing materials costs). Postage however will remain the same.

If anybody wants to take advantage of the low prices, you need to pay for the order before the end of the year!

And a final note, due to a mix up there is currently an over-abundance of mirror style silver scales, so for a limited time items that are made up of at least 50% of these scales can get 10% off! Items will have the extra refunded after purchase, of if bought through Etsy you message for a coupon code to get the discount up front.

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