Thursday, 29 September 2011

Busy Getting Back to Durham

So obviously I've not been doing much in the past week or so :P I'm sure most of you reading this will know it's because I'll suddenly realise that I've not got much time left before I'm back up to Durham; I'm also finishing off Dragonite who I'd love to put a photo of up here but I've put my camera somewhere for packing. I'm particularly proud of his curvy antennae thingys (anyone know what they actually are?)

Random picture of Dragonite from google pictures.
I promise he looks like this, except knitted, and more... sat on the floor shaped, because knitted Dragonite's wings don't work very well; the holes in the fabric mean he can't fly.

So I've packed all my knitting things already, aside from three balls of wool - yellow, turquoise and white to finish his wings and feet before I'm off :) I should have finished him much earlier but the pattern bits I wrote are on a laptop I sent in for repair a month ago. If I don't get it back tomorrow I'll have to make do with my Photoshop-less, Microsoft Office-less and useful file-less new computer. It's not too bad, but I could really do with my internet bookmarks and my One Note files. I can still get on the internet and knit fine so I'm coping!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A Little Bit of Nintendo Crafting

I seem to have lost my camera, I'll need to track that down because I can't sell if I can't take a picture :P but I have managed to convince my webcam to take a just-about-in-focus photo of a few little things I've made today :)

Very Nintendo mood today, I'm really fond of the old school
style and will definitely be making more 8-bit loveliness

These will obviously be attached to keyrings, phone loops, perhaps something more exciting if someone has the idea that they'd like to buy a pair of coin with question blocks hanging below as earrings, or any accessory I can find an attachment for - I'm looking right now to get a whole load of the mini split rings to make cascade keyrings and necklaces!
Right now any other jewellery ideas will be made with up-cycled parts, but if this turns out to be particularly popular I'll source myself some like I have special key ring and phone loops!

Some of the above images are taken and some are not, but any image may be requested on any attachment and if it happens I've already sold it I'll run up another one :) yay for selling things!

Charm Prices
Number         Price
1 Charm         £1.50
2 Charms       £2.50
3 Charms       £3.00
Additional     +£1 each
Additionally should you need postage it's an extra £1 for a few charms, £1.50 for more than 5, and I'll get you a custom estimate for anything over 15 charms, but I promise it will always be nicely packaged :)
(postage for UK, get into contact for quote for other countries)

Also halfway through the page I lost whatever font I used to post in, it's possible I'll get it back, or it's possible I'll be posting in this font from now on... you see where the word "price" seems bigger than the word "number", it's where I tried to get clever with the html code.
I promise I'll leave you alone next time, strange font thing :P

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Recent Higgledy-Piggledy Crafts

I've just made quite a few random things... because making things is fun :P for reference if you like any of these they are already up on sale on Etsy, which means if you message me I can make you them for cheaper :P I'll give links and price estimates for all here because after all I am trying to be a business...

First new item - I had a nostalgic Zelda moment, and made some keyrings :) followed by getting a really random Portal excitement moment, and I made some more keyrings :D

As I'm selling them on Etsy it's a set of 3 for £5 including delivery - feel free to buy them there if that's what you want, but I think people I know would prefer an easier channel...

If you like them I'll can do it at £1.50 each or £4 for three (because people reading this usually don't want delivery and don't have to cover the cost of the item listing on Etsy)

This covers pretty much any keyringy thing, including pictures shown here or an image you've chosen yourself. Keyrings tend to be about 2cm, it's difficult to say when I make them big and shrink them down :P

And then shortly after this I got a Zelda nostalgia thing going on again... and decided to see if I could knit something even vaguely resembling Zelda fairys - based on the earlier styles rather than those creepy ones like in Wind Waker...

Fuzzy little Zelda-Style Fairy :)

So I've been quite busy and I'm hoping to make a whole lot more stuff really soon!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

First Post on New Computer - Kittens

I say painting, I've been penciling and watering, which with watercolour pencils is as good as painting... right?

Lounging Kitten - Watercolour Pencils on 5"x7" Watercolour board

I thought I should keep my hand in drawing animals in traditional media. I do a lot of digital art, and I don't really get any practice drawing real things and using my favourite real art media like pencils, watercolour pencils, watercolour paints, acrylic paints or pastels.

Curious Kitten - Dry Watercolour Pencils on Cartridge Paper

If anyone else has an interest in pet portraits in one of the mentioned art media (especially cats, rabbits and rodents, but I'm decent at dogs too) I'd be totally excited if you'd like me to do them, compared to commissions I've researched I feel I can offer very reasonable prices ^_^ I can show you the photos these pictures are based on as example of my work.

I've not had a computer to upload and sort my pictures and crafty things since Sunday night, so there shall likely be quite a lot of posts within a short time. I've played around with more keyringy things, drawn, finished the prize draw and even knitted a bit since then :)

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Prize Draw Has Been Drawn!

Thank you to everyone who entered!
I have found myself on a computer now, and drawn the draws for the prize draw ^_^ numbers were apparently generated using atmospheric noise. I'm not exactly sure how they do it :P

Lucky People Who Have Won Stuff:

Turnip - Emma L
Carrot - Candymax
Angry Bird - Nick C
Nyan Cat Charm - Emily S

I shall be attempting to contact you all soon, if I'm failing please get in touch with me because I need to post you your prizes :D

Normal crazy crafting service to be resumed soon, I've been watercolour penciling so that might make an appearence. And I'm expecting more keyring plastic in a day or two so loads of exciting keyrings too ^_^

Monday, 5 September 2011

Prize Draw Over - Winners TBA

It's midnight, and the draw is now closed! (or it will be at midnight, I'm not sure I trust it to actually post at midnight)

Unfortunately if you're reading this then I don't have access to a computer right now to determine winners :(
(my computer's in for fixing atm, so I set this to automatically post at midnight)

In better news I've got more plastic stuff on order so I get to make all sorts of key rings and phone charms, and I have plans for earrings and necklace type stuff too!

This post will be edited, updated with prize allocation and probably posted on facebook so you'll know as soon as I can :)

Good luck to those who entered!