Saturday, 10 September 2011

First Post on New Computer - Kittens

I say painting, I've been penciling and watering, which with watercolour pencils is as good as painting... right?

Lounging Kitten - Watercolour Pencils on 5"x7" Watercolour board

I thought I should keep my hand in drawing animals in traditional media. I do a lot of digital art, and I don't really get any practice drawing real things and using my favourite real art media like pencils, watercolour pencils, watercolour paints, acrylic paints or pastels.

Curious Kitten - Dry Watercolour Pencils on Cartridge Paper

If anyone else has an interest in pet portraits in one of the mentioned art media (especially cats, rabbits and rodents, but I'm decent at dogs too) I'd be totally excited if you'd like me to do them, compared to commissions I've researched I feel I can offer very reasonable prices ^_^ I can show you the photos these pictures are based on as example of my work.

I've not had a computer to upload and sort my pictures and crafty things since Sunday night, so there shall likely be quite a lot of posts within a short time. I've played around with more keyringy things, drawn, finished the prize draw and even knitted a bit since then :)

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