Monday, 29 August 2011

New Keyrings and Phone Charms

Because Crafty Mutt can't sit still and keep concentrated on one project for more than 30 seconds, I have managed to find some MAGIC PLASTIC and therefore there are now strange new things on my Pre-Etsy Page for the fist time in ages...
I am now offering keyring/phone charms;

Pikachu is currently acting a cute, lightweight, plastic keyring, but there are phone charm loops too!

Yes, any image you like (hand drawn and pencil coloured) can now be your very own keyring or phone charm! The plastic is pretty strong, very lightweight, and the colours are strong once it's shrunk down to keyring size :)

Edit: New picture - a few more ideas!

For a standard charm (up to 2cm square) I can make it for £1.20 for the phone charm attachments, and £1.50 for the keyring one (just because the metal attachments are more expensive)
For all my fellow Durhamers the easy option is to order your charm and I'll have it ready for you when we arrive in Durham, but I can post them to your (or another address as a gift) for 50p.

About Artwork
I am happy to produce any image you like, with a few limitations;
  1. I am happy to design and draw an original image of anything you like for the charm. See some of my Art on Deviantart for some of my drawing styles.
  2. I can ONLY copy/imitate an existing image if you get permission from the image owner, due to legal stuff. I am happy to be asked for an image of pikachu and shown an art style or pose you'd like, but I'm not allowed to actually copy pictures.
  3. I can only do outlines in black, green and red (and possibly blue)
  4. I cannot imitate complex colouring styles - I can do anything that can be done with standard pencil crayons
  5. I am very happy to create original artwork for you to show your image before you commit to buying, since I will usually digitally create the image and then hand draw it.

I can make these into bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pretty much any other accessory you could think of - just get in contact for a price estimate for your specific product (also because I'll probably need to get hold of some parts) There are some slightly different attachments for keyrings and some coloured phone charm loops if you'd like something a little different from those shown in the image.

FINALLY; please don't forget the free prize draw, if more people don't enter then I won't even be able to give out all the prizes :( don't make Crafty Mutt sad!

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