Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Prize Draw Extended - New Prize

Okay, so first Crafty Mutt is whimpering in the corner because not enough people entered the competition yet and it technically finished :( she is very worried that not all the prizes will go to nice new homes, so to try and help I have added another prize! (Great logic I know, but wait for it...)

Who's that there with Tiny Turnip, Tiny Carrot and Tiny Angry Bird?!
It's NYAN CAT! (Scroll down for better picture of just him :P)

I know what you are thinking: HOW CAN I WIN NYAN CAT?!

Nyan Cat is to be separately awarded to someone who as well as just writing a comment also tells me which thing I've made is the one they like best and why!

  1. Think about stuff I've made (see my Deviantart if you can't remember any - it can be anything I made)
  2. Very briefly write a comment on which one you like best and why
  3. Post that comment - on this post here, on Crafty Mutt's Facebook, or on my Deviantart journal - wherever your preferred commenting place is
Done! This prize draw is to be done after the first three prizes are awarded, and therefore it's possible to win him and another prize!

Win me!

Extended until midnight Monday 5th September (GMT) - all other guidelines are the same (See the original competition post for those)
Good Luck Everybody!

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