Friday, 28 October 2011

Buying Craft Type Stuff - Oops

Oh no. I have been shopping recently. Me shopping is a bad idea, I want to buy all sorts of exciting things that I can't possibly use, seeing as I'm hardly even going to manage to use what I've got :P but I like a lot of variety in my crafting, so here's what I thought I needed this week in order of least exciting to most exciting (for me at least);

1. Eyes and bells

Lets get the slightly creepy looking one out the way first. After making the bag of tentacley  doom including a bunch of eyes I got from the market I decided I needed more eyes. And then there were bells nearby, so I bought some bells too. Now colourful eyes too, just in case I ever desperately need some.
Bought on Durham market, which has two excellent crafty stalls :)

2. Silver Chain Necklaces (colour, not material :P)

These are AWESOME. I got a packet of five silver chain necklaces, they feel nice and they are each over 60cm in length, which I am going to use to make cool crafty things. FOR £2.60! This will allow me to make cheap but quality necklaces, whereas so far I had planned to buy charity shop necklaces for maybe £1-2 and recycle them into something crafty, but this makes for a much cheaper product for customers :)
I got these from TinyDeal, which has so many awesome things for really cheap. Some of the things are clearly low quality, but I've bought quite a lot of very decent things from the site. My pocketwatch necklace just arrived, obviously at that price I don't really mind the materials feeling a little cheap since it looks so good.
If you're wondering what's with all the TinyDeal links, well... if people buy stuff through my referral links I will get points to spend on more things :P right now I'm very tempted to buy the giant flying RC fish...
Moving swiftly on;

3. Another ball of wool (the light gray one on the top)

As demonstrated by the massive boxes of wool in the picture I clearly didn't need more wool. But I sort of did, because I didn't have light gray yet. Also bought on Durham market after I got distracted buying eyes.
So now I am making a Companion Cube which is nearly finished!

Companion Cube :)

I know the hearts aren't that heart shaped any more, but I had to make up my own pattern because all heart patterns on the internet were HUGE. Well, compared to the size I wanted my hearts. These hearts are so small I will write my pattern here;

Tiny Hearts Crochet Pattern
Make slip ring
ch 3 from ring
tr in ring
ch 2
hdc in ring
tr in ring
ch 3
Join in ring with slip stitch

Cut end and pull through last stitch (not tight)
Pull the magic slip ring tight
Tighten the last stitch by pulling the tail to help shape it

That's all there is to it, if anyone wants to learn how to crochet hearts (even if you haven't crocheted before at all) they are really easy and quick and you don't even really have to understand what the random letters I used are, I'm willing to demonstrate if anyone new to crochet wants to try their hand at making one of the tiniest fastest patterns ever :)

4. Pretty fabric

I saw pretty fabrics and decided that obviously I needed some. I intend to use these as beautiful lining fabric in knit and crochet purses and other small bags. I really like the pretty pattern on these fabrics, and I want to make really pretty bright colour purses with butterflies and flowers on and other purses with monsters and tentacle creatures and that sort of thing on. Now I can line them with pretty fabrics too!

In less crafty related shopping I also recently ordered some dice off the internet to make sure my geek rating is high enough, for which I shall have to make myself a pretty dice bag. I am not sure if I want a bright pretty one or a dark pretty one, but either way I have a suitable lining fabric due to my probably inadvisable shopping habits. And then I will finally be able to RPG properly with my own dice :D
I was really pleased with how my last dice bag came out, knitted from someone else's pattern;

Dice Bag of Doom

This is a recent dice bag I made for someone else, something along the lines of a regular black pouch type bag, except it is being devoured by a many-eyed tentacle beast thing. Pattern found on the internet and slightly altered to better fit the type of wool I was using, since I have a mostly odd bits and unclassified wool so I usually need to alter patterns a bit. Here's the free pattern download of the Dice Bag of Doom on Ravelry from the original writer, who is awesome for making this.
I thought the design was really awesome, but seeing as someone I know has a bag of this pattern now, and also that I would prefer to make an original design, I will likely not use it for my own dice bag but instead try to design something hopefully similarly cool :) maybe a more simple and classic design, I just want something pretty.

Much crafting hopefully in the near future then!

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