Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Making a New Page

Now I'm not sure if anybody notices them, so I'll start at the start; to the right left of this text you will see a bunch of buttons, linking the whole of CraftyMutt together. I was thinking about people who want to make orders, and how I can help them to help me knit what they want how the want it, and I think it would be a great idea to have another little tab over there for "What's in Stock"

For those of you who are just here for the cute stuff and don't really feel like paying attention to the block of rambling text that follows please appreciate this random kitten photo I have borrowed from Daily Squee to make up for the fact that there is nothing else in this post for you, and then go off and do something more exciting :)

Note: do not scroll down if your idea of cute does not include things
which are not fluffy or huggable, espeically if you don't like octopuses

Just in case the kitten wasn't enough here is a cute octopus also from Daily Squee;

Apologies to those who don't like octopuses, but judging by the
number of Cthulu's I have sold you are mostly pro-tentacled creatures :)

Right, back to my thoughts about a new page of stuff I can use to make things right now;
This would include photos of the types of wool I have right now, with a bit of description and photos of the final effects I can produce with it; things like basic knit and crochet texture, brushed finish, a few fancier effects maybe and a bit about shaping and strength.
Obviously for the most part this will just be showing what colours I currently have and how much so you know if I'll be able to make a massive Dragonite right now of if I'd need time to buy a new ball of wool for him because I've only got a little ball of the right sort of Dragonite colour (as is the case). In general I have most colours to make any order, so that's not too much of a worry.
Additionally there would be a much more exciting section for fluffy, fuzzy, sparkly and special wools, of which I have a less extensive colour selection and a whole variety of textures so it's good for people to know what I have so they can specify if they like the fuzzy pink with poofy bits or the fluffy soft pink or the really soft short brown pile or the longer brown funkyfur (I mostly have animal colours and pink in fluffy wool)

As well as knitting I have the obvious accessories - various eyes, keyring and phone charm attachments, necklace chains, beads and clasps, zips and hooks, an array of felt and a few pretty fabrics. All of these can be combined in a primarily wooly order, for example making a phone charm or necklace of a tiny knitted creature, or creating a purse with a zip and lining it with the fabric you like best. They can even be used to make orders on their own, such as the plastic phone charms, felt sewn creatures and beady necklace type things should you like.

This however will take quite a bit of time, what with taking photos of all my wool (fairly quick), writing a bit about each (an evenings work) and drawing a new link button to sit with the other ones on the right hand side (will take FOREVER because I don't have CS4 on my new laptop)

Just for fun I have moved the links over to the left hand side of the blog, see if it helps people to mentally link the sites up better and use the links more (I don't know how much they are used right now, but I'd like to get more people to find CraftyMutt on facebook from here so I can pass the 30 barrier and get access to all the fanpage owner options!)
If anyone thinks it looks bad (I do but I don't know if it's just it looks funny somewhere different) then comments please, and I'll probably put it back if anyone agrees with me.

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