Friday, 4 November 2011

Tales of Tiny Things

First a quick note, I have finished one of several prizes for the 1000 blog view prize draw :) I want to run it as soon as possible, but equally I want a few nice prizes to give out and I have to make them first... they're on their way :P

So, here's what pikachu looks like;
And here's what little knitted pikachu looks like, who is a little compromised by the fact that knitting things on a small scale makes them a bit simplified;

Little Pikachu happily sits up and it nicely palm sized, complete with ears, cheeks and tail!

So, now you all know that the prize draw is in fact coming I have an exciting story :D well, it's pretty much an exciting story. It comes with pictures and everything. It's about how tiny I intend to try and make something very soon :)

Here are 3.5mm and 3mm, the two hooks I use to make most my little things. I use 3.5mm a lot and then use 3mm if something's a bit fiddly and I think I need something smaller.

Here is 3mm with his little friend 2.5mm, who comes out to help when stuff gets really fiddly. I also use 2.5mm to make my smallest crochet creatures using sock yarn, which although it's quite hard and often makes my fingers achy makes really really tiny cute versions of my regular sized patterns, such as the tiny Cthulus compared to the regular sized ones;

Little Cthulu is about 2.5 inches tall

Tiny Cthulu is only 1.5 inches tall!

Today I dug around in my tins and needle bags and wool boxes and made an exciting new discovery. As well as 2.5mm hook which I like to use for very tiny things I also own a whole family of really tiny hooks!

Here is 2.5mm (on the far left) with my newly discovered tiny crochet hooks! The littlest one is so tiny I had difficulty taking a picture where you could tell that it actually had a hook on the end, as you can see from my thumb these are ridiculously small. Specifically we have 1.5mm, 1mm and 0.75mm hooks here :D

So, my slightly smaller than commonly used 3.5mm crochet hook looks like a giant compared to my newly discovered 0.75mm hook. I like having a lot of hooks :D I'm really excited to find these, I need to get hold of some tiny tiny crochet thread and make some ridiculously tiny crochet creatures! Ones which will be so small that they will have to live in a little house like a small bottle or box home to keep them safe seeing as they are so tiny XD I love making tiny things. If my 2.5mm crochet hooks makes 1.5 inch Cthulu, then my 0.75mm hook would produce a Cthulu of sanity destroying cuteness proportions.
Unfortunately that requries I own crochet thread small enough for use with that hook, which I don't right now, but I do have some fairly narrow sock yarn which I should be able to use with the 1.5mm hook to test just how small I can crochet :)

Side note: there will likely be microsoft paint doodles of using 3.5mm alot and alot of crochet hooks later for the amusement of those who have read Hyperbold and a Half who I find really quite inspiring and everyone should check out, at least just to learn about alots - there's a shortcut to alots on the side bar a bit down the page

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