Saturday, 5 November 2011

Working Really Hard on Content ^_^

I think I've pretty much finished what I've been working on all day, and I'd love if some people could have a look around and see if they think I make sense and if you notice any broken links or wrong links.... I wrote a lot of links today!

So simply I have a new shop page, as you can probably guess from the shiny NEW tag on the shop link. I'm sure it's more organised and better looking than the previous version, and I tried to make the instructions more concise and the details include the important technicalities that might come up.
If anyone feels like reading through even a bit of text I've written on the Crafty Shop page (follow the button link) just to make sure they think I make sense too that'd be awesome! I'm sure somebody will spot a bunch of spelling mistakes and grammar issues which I left lying around :P

As part of this new page there is now a Crafty Mutt Deviantart page, which is only linked through the shop page as that is in essence my shop account. The art link on the side still links to the Opiel16 Deviantart page, which I want to get more to actually being my art. This will of course include uploading knitty photos as I have been, but hopefully I'll get some more digital and traditional art uploaded soon! I wanted to do this before, but felt too much that I should limit the account to be solely CraftyMutt images, so what I'm doing is hopefully letting myself breathe and getting myself out there as organised and understandably as possible.

Now that that little interlude is over I have an order to make, involving some pale blue and pale yellow wool, so I'll get back to crochet and leave you with a random photo of a tiny sleepy skunk I just found searching Google for cute things to finish with, because there haven't been any pictures in this post and that would make Crafty Mutt sad.

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