Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A Bit Much Work

I've been knitting as efficiently as possible recently, I have quite a few people with things "in the works" or at least written down to be done in the near future, and I'm not sure if it's the number of things I'm doing or the amount of time I'm spending doing it but I'm going to be cutting down a little bit for a while to relax - also because I have lectures and work and stuff which they want me to do :P

This doesn't mean I can't get the orders I am working on done in a decent time, but I know I could be doing them much faster although it's not sensible for me to be going at that pace with everything else on the calender and I've found I need more time in the day when I'm not working and not knitting either, which is a shame because I enjoy knitting and I'm always keen to finish a project as soon as possible so I can get excited at the finished thing and about the next thing I'm doing :)

So right now I have a work in progress that is top secret and in no way should I let a photo of it leak out...

Whoops, how did this get here?

I am soon to be having a go at a pattern made by a very talented designer, he makes the sort of crazy things I'd like to have a go at and so soon I will be :D

Recently in the post I received the dice I ordered, the normal set is now happily in the sparkly drawstring bag with the first ones, but I may have accidentally bought two sets of tiny adorable minidice, which now need their own tiny adorable minidice-bag ^_^ I will work on this when I have done with any big and important orders, because I don't know what I want to do yet. Maybe a smaller version of the one I already did, a tiny drawstring pouch would be pretty and I could attach a keyring to it and hang it from stuff :D

Pretty sparkly dice bag which I don't think I've put a
photo of here yet. It's lined with black moon-star fabric,
and has a matching octagonal patch on the bottom.

I still need to finish the companion cube, although that's more a personal interest project which I will probably sell (not too cheaply because the weighting beads are expensive) afterwards. Before that I will need to do a check around that I'm not missing anything I'm supposed to be doing, because a lot of people asked me to do things recently and I've been struggling to follow who wants what for when and who just wanted to ask about something and who was just vaguely interested. If you think I should be making you something and I'm not contacting you about it regularly enough definitely get in touch to make sure I've not lost it in the ocean of balls of wool and pretty fabric all over my room!

So, in summary, knitting needs to slow down a bit now. Current projects should be done in a similar timescale to anything indicated, but new projects may be given a longer timescale to ease the work, especially with the engineering projects coming up which is a big group whole year design thing which will steal an awful lot of my time.

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