Thursday, 10 November 2011


Well actually they're fists of aluminium, but it still looks pretty spangly. Obviously the first thing I did after my small order of scales arrived was knit them into short gloves;

The back sports rows of silvery brushed aluminium scales

The scales are attached onto a wool knitted glove section,
so they are comfy and warm to wear :D

I am now looking to order a whole bunch more scales, so if you are interested in anything scaly even just a little bit please please contact me even if you're not sure what you want or what's on offer. I'll try and give people an idea of what I'll be doing and how much it will be so first I'm going to wander over to the scale buying place and check out prices and postage...

Turns out postage for the scales I want is minimum 25% on top of the price of the scales and that'll take 6-12 weeks :S and I'm looking at over $100 of scales with around half of them with possible homes...
If I want a sensible delivery time of 8-12 days it's 50% more O_O
I won't buy them yet but I hope people who are interested will stay interested because I can't justify spending $125 without a pretty decent demand, no matter how much I want to play at making scaly gloves :(
This also means that I feel mean about my prices but the scales alone for these are well over half the amount I'm asking;

Glove Cost

Length (from base of fingers down arm)
Approx Scales
Brushed Aluminium
Colour (see below)
Short (4.5 inches)
Regular (6.5 inches)
Longer (9 inches)

Okay, now that I've gotten over how much I'm going to have to charge for this sort of thing I guess I should explain what I mean by brushed aluminium and colour;
Basic aluminium scales are cheaper than colour, obviously to make colour you have to do something extra; these scales are anodised with the colourfulness to make them pretty.

Colour Choices
Scale Colours (same on both sides); Red, Orange, Gold, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Silvery gold and mixed (which has random colours including most those just listed)
Special Scale Colours; Black (only coloured on the outside), Black/Bronze (bronze on the outside, black on the inside)
Wool Colours;
I have wool in Gray, Blue, Red and Green+Lilac (looks like a plant) and I intend to get some Black of suitable gauge soon, but my regular DK wool I own in many colours isn't thick enough for this sort of thing so that's the limit really. These colours are all variegated (i.e. they change colour as you knit, with single shade balls going darker and lighter and double shade swapping between and changing intensity)

I am totally excited if you would like to ask for basic patterns or styles, like a mixed bag to be arranged in a more rainbow fashion (due to the random nature I cannot guarentee even stripes of colours) or to be randomly arranged, or to have two colours in alternating stripes or chevron shapes, or even something a bit more ambitious like having 2 red, 1 orange and 1 gold for a medium pair and make a flamey effect.

Why is the shipping so slow  and expensive, I am so excited I want to make pretty scaly things now!

Alternative Method;
If you would like your gloves soon and a bit cheaper, buy some scales yourself and bring them to me so I don't have to deal with long shipping times and high initial costs. A pair of gloves worth will cost you up to £16 for the most expensive scales for 4 packets for the longest gloves including delivery, and once you give me the scales I can then transform them into gloves for you using whichever wool colour you choose.

Provide Scales
Glove Cost
Short (4.5 inches)
200 (2 bags)
Regular (6.5 inches)
300 (3 bags)
Longer (9 inches)
400 (4 bags)

The bags are as written for buying scales from The Ring Lord (buy small aluminium scales in anodised colours or plain brushed aluminium in 2, 3 or 4 bags of 100 depending on the gloves you want) again you can pick different colours for patterns to make them pretty, whatever you like. If you find a site online which sells scales cheaper, faster or in any way better than they do (being so far away it's awkward and expensive) please tell me and I can get cheaper scales and sell cheaper gloves!

If you want me to get some scales and make you a thing then I'll put it in with a bunch I shall order soonish (maybe at the weekend) but this does not benefit from any delivery discount, in fact the delivery gets ridiculous as for larger packets the only viable option is the 6-12 week delivery and even that's expensive...

Probably best if you have something you know you want to buy your own and give them to me, unless you have already told me specifically you want some and what you want (I will be purchasing 3 packets of black/bronze scales with my next lot for the one already confirmed)

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