Friday, 11 November 2011

Scaly Solutions :D

I have spent almost all my spare time today doing research, lots of inputting data and reading costs and trying different things, and I have managed to find three top quantities to buy which makes the fast delivery option of only 8-15 days viable without having to change the prices I wanted to use :D

 Cost of Scales for Gloves for Different Order Sizes
Number of packets
--- Long Gloves
--- Regular Gloves
--- Short Gloves

As you can see from my poorly constructed graph (The scale up the left is linear but otherwise useless) there is great variation over the cost for me to make them, especially for smaller orders over which range I am more likely to be buying. Thankfully this allows me to see that if I buy 6 or 11 packets I will be getting a good enough price that there is enough leeway in the amount I want to sell them for to cover the wool and a bit of leftover for my effort :) I must not buy just 3, 7 or 12 packets though because that would cost me too much and I couldn't afford to make them. But I will buy them mostly in bunches of 6 so it is all alright :D

Due to these developments I am going to be working on a page for custom orders, which will host pricing guides for knitty creatures, keyrings and charms, and the new gloves option guide with prices. This will explain what options there are, and things like choosing colours to make patterns or random combination gloves.

So with many things sorted I have ordered some scales for a commission and three packets of mixed scales, which I plan to probably make rainbow gauntlets out of. Hopefully someone out there will want regular (6 inch) rainbow gauntlets!
I have also decided pretty much what I will be doing next with these 100ish brushed aluminium scales I have right now, seeing as pangolins are so cute...

Look it's a pangolin with a tiny baby pangolin :D

I will be attempting to knit a pangolin complete with scales! I hope he will be super cute, and probably not use up too many scales so I can make a few from this 100 or perhaps think of something else again to make with them ^_^


  1. Hi, my son has just seen a Pangolin on a programme and now really wants one. Would be interested to see yours. Can i be cheeky and ask if you are using a pattern from a book or one you have made yourself, would you consider sharing or selling.
    Many thanks Michelle

    1. Ohai, a comment O_O I'm sorry you've been waiting so long, I wish I did have a pattern I could share but I've still not got round to it, I've been so busy with making lots of other things and Christmassy stuff and holidays. Fortunately I'm getting less busy recently, and maybe I can get round to it!
      Depending on how big I make it it might end up in the free patterns page here, but I usually make things up as I go along and for anything bigger than a glove I forget what I did by the time I want to write it down for free or selling.
      I also don't know if you will even come back and find this reply... I wish I'd read it sooner, but since I know somebody is interested I will make sure I include any updates when they happen, just in case you are still around :)

    2. Hi, that would be great, I'll keep checking then. I wish I could make it up as I went along, I have to stick quite rigidly to the pattern!