Monday, 14 November 2011

Too Tired to Knit Today

I do not know why I am so tired, I did not do an awful lot of difficult stuff over the weekend, and I didn't go to bed late. I didn't even struggle worse than normal to wake up this morning but now I feel like I am already asleep, my arms are tired and my eyes still don't want to stay open...

However I feel bad, because there are several orders I should be working on today, seeing as I have such a convenient gap for them, but I really need to go back to sleep. Maybe I am getting ill, I didn't feel so well recently. As an apology here are some pictures and awesome stuff to make up;

Sleepy kittens seeing as I am super sleepy right now

Awesome Sammich-saur (is what I call him) who if anyone
is interested can probably be commissioned here
*resists urge to request one for self*
I might be able to knit something inspired from this for personal
use but the character belongs to the linked person so no sell thing

More sleepy cat-blobs

Tiny baby octopus-cthulhu, because tiny octopuses are also awesome
Someday I may knit an octopus this small, you never know...

I think I need to go back to sleep again now if I have any chance of managing this Formula Student thing which I am going to tonight. Apologies again for those who's stuff I'm supposed to be knitting and to those who wanted some actual content to this post and not just four random pictures that I like.

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