Thursday, 6 October 2011

Free Durham Delivery! Quote TREVSPOST01

Seeing as I am crrently in Durham, and I often walk around town and college sites, it does not make sense that I should go to the post office to post something to somewhere else in Durham :P So Durham students clearly deserve some kind of deal, something like... free delivery!

Obviously this is much better for both sides, I don't have to put stuff in envelopes and you don't get your new friend squished or damaged on their journey to you! Also I'll be around so if there's something not quite right I'm happy to do little fixes and make it right for free, so you're getting the best of everything :D

Free delivery is easy to offer on orders requested by e-mail or facebook, but for my Etsy shop where almost everything non-custom knit is on sale there is no way to explain to them that you live right by me and don't want your thing posted
For anybody who would like to buy something I've already listed on Etsy I have made a free delivery code; when prompted for a discount or delivery code, please enter TREVSPOST01 to remove that silly delivery charge.
(If you're unsure check the bottom of this post for the boring bits. See Shop link in top right for Etsy shop)

In a similar vein, if you do not have an Etsy account and do not want to make one contact me and I'll sort the purchase for you, but I'm really looking to get as much feedback as possible from lots of people to show I am a good seller so it's helpful if you can :)

People are also welcome to come see my Shelf Shop and physically check out what's on sale if you'd like to really see what you are getting before you buy. I'm located in Trevs, E block 3rd floor room 6 - although for the length of the assassins death match (up to a month) I may be a bit reluctant to let people come in my room before I've prodded them with a piece of paper. It's all part of the CraftyMutt experience. Anyone worried they'll get lost in Trevs and isn't an assassin can contact me before hand, and I'll track you down and make sure you find your way back out :)

In even more news there should be a photo of Dragonite up here within days, seeing as he'll be leaving me very soon (I hope) for his new home :) next order - Schrödinger and his Cat-in-a-box!

Schrödinger's Cat after a night in Klute, handily
provided by Google images (from

I feel this blog needs more silly cats. I also feel my shop is woefully understocked, but I have been unable to knit anything new to put in it for a while now since I keep getting custom orders. Which is awesome, I love the great ideas people have and I love the challenge to pattern-design and knit something I didn't come up with. Any custom orders are extremely welcome through CraftyMutt's facebook page, now at, or e-mail to!

Boring Stuff About Free Delivery for Etsy
  • Only available in Term Time (ask if it's available outside term time, I may be around)
  • Only available to students (and residents should any turn up) of Durham City, within about 2-3 miles of Trevelyan College - I may have to cancel the order if I do not feel I can reach you and no offer is made to meet closer to Trevs.
  • Also applicable if you wish to pick something up from in Durham but live further out (e.g. Stockton campus or visiting Durham)
  • Provide any extra details of how you would like delivery in the "Note to seller" since I will not post to the address associated with the account, otherwise I shall start messaging you repeatedly until some way of giving you your purchase is sorted :)
  • No additional discount can be made on orders listed with free delivery to start with, but remember asking about making a custom order similar to something listed can usually get you the same thing at a better price as there are no site fees for orders handled outside Etsy.

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