Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Finally Dragonite and New Toothless Tuesday

So Dragonite is finished and delievered, and I have eventually got round to getting his photo up for everyone to see :D

It's not the best photo I've taken, but gets him across :)
the business card is regular business card sized,
and Dragonite is about 8-9 inches tall

He doesn't look that fat in this photo, but he's really chubby in real life. I've actually nearly run out of Dragonite wool but if someone really likes him I can get hold of some similarly yellow wool and make more but I can't knit quick, and I don't really want to knit things this big so much because they take foreverrrrrr....
Quotes for different sizes on request, and bear in mind I'm doing a degree and knitting at the same time :P
That's also tiny nyan cat charm, who was won by the same person who had ordered Dragonite. I want to do another keyring/cham giveaway soon so everybody watch out! Or give me £1 and I'll make whatever hand drawn keyring picture you like :)

Also I intend to make Tuesdays into Toothless Tuesday! In that every Tuesday I will post a photo of Toothless doing something or sitting somewhere being Toothless, because quite a lot of people like him and I need an excuse to remember to post stuff :P here is one to make up for yesterday;

Photo of Toothless taken by Alex during the
summer holiday of Toothless wearing a hat
Toothless says "Rawr!"

Edit: for those particularly interested in Toothelss he was made from a pattern made by spirit-of-america on Deviantart, which you can also find linked in the description for the photos of her Toothless :) I made my own adaption of the claws and have worked it through once, so although I can't really make one for anybody I am happy to offer some help and tips and my alternate claw method (which is much simpler) should anyone want. He's a really big project but he's really awesome once finished :D
I may do a blog post with hints, tips and extra pattern bits one day if it seems appropriate.

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