Friday, 21 October 2011

Something Messy and Something New

Today I decide that the best way to make glasses would be to put glue on wool to make it stay in the right shape. Today I spent several hours discovering that there was still PVA on my fingers and peeling it off :P I didn't realise how difficult it would be to get glue from a messy inaccurate bottle onto a thin strand of wool, in the end I got it everywhere. Although now they are finished, and Schrödinger has his glasses!

Tiny wool glasses :D

We will get to Schrodinger and his cat in a minute though, for now I have an exciting new random thing... a dog brush!
Looks pretty dangerous with all those tiny metal spikey bits,
but somehow it's not like being stabbed by five hundred
needles when you touch it.

This dog brush isn't for CraftyMutt's fur though; I have been looking around for a while considering getting a slicker brush to do a very special exciting crafty thing. Something magical happens when you introduce it to a normal piece of knitted or crochet fabric - the brush, designed to make fur look pretty, makes fluff appear out of nowhere!
This means I can take any wool I own, knit something, and then make it fluffy after. Much easier than trying to knit with overly fuzzy and awkward wool, and really good for creating hair and fur on my critters :)

So, obviously, I wanted to test it out...

As you can see, the texture of the small piece is massively different
from the texture of the larger piece behind it.

The two pieces above started out exactly the same (apart from size obviously) but while the larger one I need as it is, the smaller one I knitted as a test to see just what would happen when I brushed it. Now they're completely different!

This brings me on to Schroedinger, who has rather fuzzy eccentric hair as is traditional with all those great scientists. He was the perfect excuse to go out and buy a slicker brush, which will now be used to make a host of tiny fuzzy cute things like foxes and bunnies and kittens.

Sneak peek of Schrödinger!
That hair is entirely the product of brushing at a flat knitted piece of wool - before that his hair looked like a brown splat on his head with the same texture as the jacket :P
A proper photo of him, including cat and box will be up sometime soonish, but for now here he is minus bow tie (I'm picking out the best ribbon colour now). He will be making his first public appearance tomorrow evening :)

New random things should come soon, seeing as that's the last of my orders done for now :D unless people make more orders, although I'd quite like a little break to knit random stuff too. The challenge of an order is great fun, but making something for no reason whatsoever is a lot of fun too :)

p.s. apologies for forgetting Toothless Tuesday the first time it was supposed to happen... I'll try and get in the habit soon!

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