Monday, 24 October 2011

I just got an order, then another, and then so many I exploded

I know I have been saying recently that I have just finished the last set of orders I have been working on (Dragonite, Einstein and Schroedinger are all with their owners now!) and how I usually get some new orders right after I finish one bunch, but today was ridiculous!

In an awesome way :D seriously though my brain feels like mush, I got a message asking about making something, and after thinking quite hard managed to reply hopefully coherently on the matter. I then had to spend half an hour reading through another message about another possible order to try and decipher the English language which I had forgotten how to use, and just when I had grasped that another one arrived. I had to spend another half an hour getting my mind together about that one. Eventually manged to reply to all of them I think, if you sent me something and I haven't replied just message again asking if I managed to read it and remember how to type a reply :)

There are now five new entries on my Orders Table, where I put all orders and possible orders. Even if only a couple of them get confirmed and completed this is amazing, and I'm so excited :D I would have liked more time to knit really random just for my shop, but equally I like money. And being challenged to knit things I hadn't thought to knit :P

Today's random knit was Moomin, who is available
if you'd like to swap him for a £5 note. He's weighted in
his tummy with plastic beans like a beanie baby
so he's butt-heavy and doesn't fall over :)

Tomorrow I will likely be starting on an order. Maybe even tonight, since at least two of them are essentially guaranteed to be confirmed, and if not they're suitable for sale to anyone else so it can't hurt to get ahead :)
I'm maybe making another Moomin, Cthulu, a thing I can't remember, maybe a dice bag and a SUPER SECRET THING which I may release pictures of sometime after Christmas, that's just how secret it is :P (they're all written down it's okay that I already forgot)

On a related note I have been massively overwhelmed today with orders, and if you even have an inkling about possible knitted Christmas presents you'd be better to warn me about it before hand so I can organise myself and make sure nobody misses out. If you ask then want to cancel that's awesome, because you're making me schedule something that doesn't exist so I'll actually get some rest between knitting my fingers to the bone :P just contact me on facebook (fanpage or my actual page) or e-mail if you prefer (

Also exciting and completely unrelated CraftyMutt on facebook now has a proper web address;

Now if five more people like the page I can access all the page owning stuff, but until you reach 30 they don't believe you're popular enough to need to see all the things :( but I'm getting there!

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