Friday, 29 June 2012

CraftyMutt's First Birthday

Thanks for the cake :D

A whole year has passed since CraftyMutt started out, and I'm so excited that I've made so many things for so many people and in so many countries! CraftyMutt is excited too, mostly because he got to eat a whole cake to himself, nap as much as he wanted and play whatever he wanted all day.

Of course, this birthday isn't all that much down to my work and crafting, this was all able to happen thanks to all the people who encouraged me to try it out and sell what I make, and those who bought things throughout the year. So many happy little crafty creatures and other little crafty things have been taken to new homes and taken care of thanks to you!

And with birthday parties there are party games! And as with party games, there will be prizes!
There will be more games announced until I post that I've put every game up, so keep looking over the next few days for more games. I promise some of them will have more manly prizes.

All games are entered via facebook, so check out the CraftyMutt facebook page for the lot!
Here are links for each individual game for your perusal:
Each one is a photo of the prize, and the description has the rules of the game!
You can enter for as many prizes as you like ^_^

Game 1: Pokefusions - CLOSED
Create the funniest pokemon fusion
Prize: A Pokemon necklace of your choice

Game 2: Lucky Bottles - CLOSED
Choose a playing card, see who's gets drawn first
Prize: A bottle necklace or charm of your choice

Game 3: Little Octopus Legs - CLOSED
Guess how long his longest leg is
Prize: Little palm-friendly octopus plushie

Game 4: Get Your Scales On - CLOSED
Guess how many scales there are on the items pictured
Prize: 25% discount to be used on any scaly item order

That's all for this year's celebrations, but I hope to do more things
like this soon. So if you missed entering, look out for more!

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