Sunday, 17 June 2012

New Yarn, Finished Things

I've been trying to do all the things, and I've managed to do a few of them! So far I've finished two of my order/requests from NerdEast and I'm working on another, and I also managed to go shopping and buy two brand new yarns to make gloves and pouches with since some of the old colours were getting low but weren't available on the market again. And then I knitted a rainbow kitty and finished off some black gloves! And then I realised I needed more black yarn soon too, because after the gloves that's really low too.

Now Available: Natural greens and sky blues!

 Rainbow kitty, now with seven different colours!

Finally finished: The second of the pair that I started at NerdEast

If you asked about getting them then please get in touch soon, after the end of term I won't be able to get them to you for free and I'll probably end up putting them on general sale. If you weren't that guy who asked but you want them then I can re-make this pattern in any hand size and colour combination. I want to try a black with three mirror silver stripes version soon!

I'm also working on a whole bunch of dice pouches to take to next week's RPG sessions, hopefully I'll get plenty done that everyone who was interested finds one they really like :)
Oh, and I need to move all my belongings into my room, pack them, go home and start packing again for China for most of July! So... no big orders can be made during July. Sorry! I'll bring back some awesome stuff though and take lots of pictures, maybe I'll even be able to send a few updates from in the country just in case anybody gets bored while I'm away.

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