Monday, 24 September 2012

Actual Progress on Scale Mail Gloves Pattern

After a lot of messing around, asking all sorts of people for help, adding things in and taking things back out, and correcting mistakes every time I thought I'd finished... I think this is the final version!

Well, I'm still not 100% sure that it's error free, but within days the pattern to make yourself scale mail gloves will be on sale. The first page (in all it's low-res printscreened glory) is free, check it out:

Yes, the reason it's free is because there is no actual pattern content there
But at least you know what you'll need before you go and buy the pattern

The pattern itself includes the step by step "how to add a scale to a knit stitch" instructions with brand new photos to illustrate the steps, with suggested reference material for everything you need to know to knit them from the complete basics, as well as scale grid files for you to plan your scale patterns onto! And, obviously, it includes instructions on what order to do stitches in order to end up with a glove. It's like some sort of magic.

So I'll be working on rolling out that in a few days - there should even be a "buy it now" button with the pattern information on the DIY Scale Mail page, so you can buy it directly on the blog using your Paypal, or from Etsy (where it will cost a bit more due to Etsy taking some of the money every time I sell something) using an Etsy account with Paypal.

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