Sunday, 23 September 2012

CraftyMutt Returns With: How Much Will My Scales Be?

Custom scale orders are my favourite thing! Recently I did these:

 Yes, that is twelve inches of all around scaly goodness

And soon I shall be making another set of twelve inch gauntlets with the standard scale placement up the back. I'm hoping to add an official option for this very soon, replacing the old "short" gloves that weren't used.
(I am pre-emptively going to list here that standard 12 inch gloves will cost £30, and with all around scales will cost £44 - other length gloves with all around scales cost to be calculated when asked for)

But! I am always being asked how much different options will be, and until now it has been very vague how I am making my calculations. But things are changing!
I now have a sparkly new Price Calculator. This is basically an excel spreadsheet where I put the prices of all my current items and calculated the base cost and cost per scale of the items, then made a shiny sheet with spinners and sliders for me to input the scales and difficulty of each item and come out with a price!

As you can see it's happily calculating the price of
one pair of long (9") gloves, which require 400 scales

The items are currently split into glove items, which will be selected for any orders that most closely resemble gloves (basically having two related pieces that make up the item) and pouch items for that which resembles a pouch format (being one item using all the scales). There are complex patterning bars for if somebody asks for something that is particularly difficult or fiddly, and even a discount button for any bulk or large matching set item orders I might get.

In other important news
I am attempting to move over more to CraftyMutt's Etsy with respect to scale mail orders. Anybody not wishing to make an account in order to buy through Etsy is still welcome to buy through the less rigidly organised route of e-mailing me (or whatever other means of contact you prefer) and sending me money and their address through paypal, but I''ve put up custom order listings for each of the glove sizes and soon the pouches to handle custom orders as simply and safely as possible.
It's also so that people who would be interested in buying scales but who don't have any reason to trust this random internet person with the unstructured and un-guaranteed method can buy scale stuff through a well established, customer protecting website. Ready-made gloves that were made without a pre-determined owner will also get listed there, as well as miscellaneous items, like my original little cute knitty creature style things and probably these little ones -

Two little baby dragon-wyrms!

So that's most of what's happened related to the crafts recently. An awful lot of not-very-reliable internetting has been going on too, but I'm certain I've replied to every question about items fairly soon after they happened, through whatever means they were sent! If you've asked about anything and I haven't replied I'm sorry, there's probably somewhere I forgot to check, please remind me over on CraftyMutt's facebook!

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