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[ARCHVED] Scale Glove Kits - no longer available

Kits are no longer available, this page is archived for the reference of previous customers who want to check up info on the kit they purchased.

Kits come in a paper bag with materials,
instructions, and a yarn needle to sew up
Just add knitting needles and scissors!

I've been looking for a good solution to the difficulty some people find getting hold of scales for a while, and finally put together a solution in the form of scale kits! Two kits are available initially, for regular or long gloves, but there will be more kits available in the future for a wider range of items.

Examples of the regular vs long length,
showing how far down the arm they go

Each kit is packaged neatly in a paper bag and contains nearly everything you need to make one pair of gloves;
  • scales (300 for regular gloves, 400 for long gloves, in your choice of colour, in a pouch)
  • 100g chunky yarn (in your choice of colour)
  • chunky yarn needle
  • kit instructions
The pattern included is specifically written with the kit in mind so it's easier than ever to make your own gloves, all you need is a pair of needles (3.5-4mm) and some scissors. The pattern includes hands sized small to x large (6.5 to 9 inch measured around the base of the fingers) so each kit can make a pair of gloves to fit nearly anybody comfortably!

A preview of the first page of each pattern (click to enlarge)

The kits are available on Etsy (see listings for the regular and long versions) and also here directly through paypal. All the options are the same for both lengths, and after you've seen the colours and chosen your combination you can order below!

All the colours for scales an yarn,
in order from top left to bottom right

There are two colour options for your kit - the yarn and the scales. There are so many options that they don't even fit into paypal's dropdown boxes, so you're provided with a text box for each scales and yarn to enter your choice.

silver (frost)
bronze (brown)
yellow ochre
denim blue
dark brown
blue/light blue
purple/light grey
pink/dark grey

There are quite a lot of possible combinations (165 to be precise!) so if you'd like a bit of guidance check out the recommended match-ups for a few suggested ideas (click to enlarge)

Your kit will also include an organza pouch (to hold your scales) and a yarn needle, which come in a limited variety of colours. For simplicity I'll generally pick the best match but if you have a preference feel free to add it in the seller notes in your checkout and I'll do my best to match your colours when possible!
Pouches in light pink, pink, purple, lilac, grey, white, ivory, gold, orange and brown
Yarn needles in pink, purple, lime, aqua, and orange

For a full specification of the kits right down to the yarn materials, see below the order form!

Scale Mail Glove Kit

Scale Colour
Yarn Colour
[PURCHASE BUTTON REMOVED - this product can no longer be ordered and information is archived for reference of past customers only]
(a reminder of the options so you can have everything on screen at once;
Scales - red, orange, gold, green, blue, purple, pink, black, white, silver (frost), bronze (brown)
Yarn - red, yellow ochre, blue, denim blue, lilac, pink, black, white, dark brown, red/grey, green/blue, blue/light-blue, purple/light-grey, pink/dark-grey, black/grey)*
*text colour coded for quick reference, however the colours are not all close matches, see photos for more accurate representations of the colours, however due to monitor differences the actual colours may still differ somewhat

-----Full Information-----

---What Do I Get?---
-approximately 300 (regular version)/400 (long version) anodised aluminium scales in your choice of colour (by weight at 110g/145g)
- this is enough to make the gloves in the correct length, plus a few spares just in case
- The scales will be securely packaged in an organza pouch (colours vary)
1 ball of chunky yarn in your choice of colour, single and variegated options available
- single colour yarn is Boyes Chunky (100g, 144m, 100% acrylic; suitable for those with wool allergies) (recommended for beginner knitters as easier to work with)
- variagated yarn is Stylecraft Phases Chunky (100g, 158m, 80% acrylic 20% wool)
- This is enough yarn to knit a gauge swatch and a pair of gloves of either length, with some left over
1 yarn needle
- a large plastic yarn needle suitable for using with the chunky yarn is included in the kit for sewing up at the end (colours vary)
Printed copy of pattern for either Regular OR Long Length gloves (as relevant to your kit)
- The printed version is specially written to go with the selected kit
- Suggested learning resources for all techniques used, from cast on to cast off
- Step by step tutorial for adding scales as required for the pattern, including images
- Full material and equipment list
- Four hand sizes (from 6 1/2 inch to 9 inch) with stitch numbers throughout for each

---How Is This Delivered?---
- A paper printout of the kit pattern, the yarn, scales, and yarn needle will be packaged in a paper bag and posted to you! As default items are sent by UK first class small parcel or airmail small parcel, however if you would like to upgrade to tracked and insured postage please e-mail to make your custom checkout.
- Because only one price is available on paypal checkouts, the price is based on standard international airmail. UK buyers will find that buying through Etsy saves a few pounds as postage is customised by location!

---What Do I Need?---
- All you need in addition to the kit is a pair of knitting needles (3.5mm to 4mm are suitable, as needed for gauge) and a pair of scissors

---How Difficult Is It?---
- If you're reading this section you're probably worried that you won't be able to understand how to knit with the scales, well fear not!
- In the links to the left you will see a DIY scalemail link - halfway down this page is a set of instructions including a basic youtube video showing how to do the technique so you can become familiar before hand.
- That's all the special techniques you need! If you want to try it out before hand, try punching holes near the edge of small pieces of card and seeing if you can do the technique on those.

---What Do I Not Get?---
- You do not get permission to sell this pattern or kit as it is or in an adapted form, or make copies of the pattern to give away for free; the kit pattern is for personal use only
- You do not get permission to make and sell items made from this pattern or with this kit, although the technique of knitting with scales is allowed - for example if you design your own items that have scales knitted into them.

---What Can I Make?---
A pair of gauntlets in your choice of colour!

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  1. I bought your scale mail gloves pattern and can't get the scales to lie the correct way. Do you have some tips? Thank you!