Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Migrating Pattern Purchase Links

Currently all patterns are available for sale on this site with direct link to paypal for purchase. Although this works pretty well for the few patterns I have, as I add more patterns it gets more complex to manage manually sending patterns out to people who've bought them this way! Etsy is a great alternative allowing for instant download, but you have to be a member so I don't want it to be the only option.
I didn't want to spread my effort over too many sites too early, but I'm now also adding Ravelry to the mix - as oppose to having three options of where to buy the pattern clogging up the pages, the Ravelry shopping cart and paypal checkout will be replacing the links currently around this blog, which will make it much easier for people who want to buy more than one pattern!
This change doesn't have any major effects, you still won't need any accounts if you will be purchasing patterns directly on this blog (even Paypal will let you go through checkout with just a card, no login required) but it will look a bit different once you click on a "buy it now" or the incoming "add to cart" buttons.

These links are all over the place, on the DIY Scale Mail page, on each pattern's individual page, and a few odd links in other places as well. I'll be replacing all the major ones as soon as each pattern goes up on Ravelry (over the course of the next few days all of them will be migrated) and eventually it will be possible to add any and all patterns to a cart and purchase through paypal with a card or paypal account.
The gloves and neck piece are already available on Ravelry itself, and soon to be re-directed at various links on this blog.

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