Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Baby Dragon Palm Pal Knit+Crochet Pattern

Note: This pattern uses both knit and crochet, and cannot be completed in only knit or only crochet!


Make your own baby dragon to sit in the palm of your hand! Two inches tall, and five from nose to tail, this miniature beast probably won't be terrorising anything more than some dust bunnies.

The pattern was designed to combine a realistic style of dragon usually only available in much larger patterns, with tiny proportions able to sit on the palm of your hand.

Being so small, they're great for stash busting leftover DK yarns!

What Do I Get?

PDF Pattern
- Basic instructions for all techniques used in the pattern (suggest looking up comprehensive guides online for any you are not familiar with)
- Comprehensive knit/crochet instructions for every body part (2 pages)
- Step by step tutorial for assembling your dragon parts, including photos of every step (4 pages)
- Full material and equipment list

You can also have a free preview of the introduction!
Click to enlarge!
(right click and open in new tab if it's still too small)

How Is The Pattern Delivered?
This pattern is offered as an instant download via Ravelry - if you have any trouble with this please contact me at, preferably forwarding your receipt so I can sort things out as quickly as possible!

What Do I Need?

  • a set of 2.5mm DPNS (for i-cord and knitting in the round)
  • 3.5mm crochet hook (for crocheting in the round)
  • body colour DK yarn
  • eye colour DK scrap
  • eye hilight embroidery thread scrap
  • 1 inch square piece of felt for claws
  • sewing thread to match the body colour
  • small quantity of toy stuffing
  • yarn needle, thread needle, scissors for assembly

How Difficult Is It?
It's certainly not a beginners pattern (although includes enough detail that a determined beginner should have plenty to work with) as it includes knitting and crochet in the round, with increases and decreases, plus i-cord and french knots. All these techniques are fairly simple to master, but are probably best practised before undertaking on such a tiny (and therefore occasionally fiddly!) item.
There is more knitting than crochet; only the main body/tail section is crochet as a basic amigurumi style item, so this pattern will be more accessible to knitters with some crochet experience than crocheters with some knitting experience.
A moderately experienced crafter who is familiar with the techniques already should be able to complete the dragon in a matter of hours.

What Do I Not Get?
Legal stuff:
You do not get permission to sell this pattern as it is or in an adapted form, or give it away for free.
You do not get permission to make and sell items made by this pattern, although the technique of knitting with scales itself is allowed - you can design your own items that include scales using the technique described in the free tutorial whether you buy the pattern or not. Only the pattern itself is protected.

What Can I Make?
Hoards of baby dragon friends!

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