Friday, 23 May 2014

New Pattern Store

Behind the scenes things have changed quite a lot, but here's a summary of what you might notice using the updated pattern purchase system;

Pros Cons 
- Can add several patterns to cart and view cart from any page
- Cart opens on top of your current page so you don't lose your place
- Can now pay for multiple patterns in one transaction
- Instant download access to pattern files
- Capable of processing coupon codes allowing for discounts and offers in the future
- Patterns all available to browse on one page
- Still doesn't require a login or account to use
- If you do have a Ravelry account you can interact with the patterns in all the usual Ravelry ways
- Sometimes takes 0.2 seconds longer to load the checkout

So as you can see, even without going into the higher efficiencies in the management of the system there's a lot of new and improved features!

If you'd like to see the patterns on Ravelry itself, they're all right here.

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