Friday, 30 May 2014

Small Scale Mail Dragon Pattern


This intermediate pattern allows you to knit your own scaly baby dragons in chunky yarn with poseable wings, which can sit up, lie down, and generally lie around being tiny and fierce.

The pattern includes comprehensive written knitting instructions for all parts, plus charts for adding the scales visually in one or two colours. The assembly of the dragon is described in detail and includes photos of important stages so it's as easy as possible to make up your dragon!

The photo tutorials for both knitting and purling with scales techniques are also included in the pattern for scale-knitting beginners, however this pattern is more suited to those with some experience knitting with scales.

What Do I Get?

PDF Pattern
- Step by step tutorial for adding scales as required for the pattern, including images shown on the tutorial page
- Full material and equipment list
- Charts of the scaled sections of the dragon to accompany the written pattern showing each individual stitch and scale
- Simple colour and symbol code in both chart and pattern allowing for easy arrangement of scales to form a bi-coloured dragon, with one colour for the top and wing bars, and another colour for the tummy and between the bars on the wings (code designed with colour-blind users in mind)

You can also have a free preview of the first page!

Click to enlarge!

How Is The Pattern Delivered?
This pattern is available as an instant download via Ravelry - if you have any trouble with this please contact me at, preferably forwarding your receipt so I can sort things out as quickly as possible!

What Do I Need?
You will need 148 scales total for one baby dragon; if you wish to make your baby dragon in two colours you will require 87 of the main body colour (for the back and the wing bars) and 61 of the secondary colour (for the tummy and between the wing bars). See the bottom of DIY Scale Mail for suggested scale suppliers!
Chunky yarn in body colour (less than 100g), DK yarn for horns and claws, yarn for eyes, stuffing material, and optionally two pipe cleaners/chenille sticks matching body colour.
You need double pointed needles in 3.5mm and 2.5mm (required for knitting in the round) and some other basic knitting gear. See the preview for a detailed list of materials and equipment (right click the image and open in new tab if it's too small to read in the gallery)

How Difficult Is It?
This is an intermediate scale knitting pattern with involved assembly after all the parts have been knitted, and it is recommended you become familiar with all techniques (including knitting and purling scales into knitting) before starting to knit the dragon. The body, from tail to head, is knit in one piece, and contains narrow sections covered in scales which can be difficult to fix if you do not notice an error quickly, so it is recommended to double check your work against the chart frequently. The dragon is somewhat of a combination between the knitted scale pouch pattern and the mini palm sized dragon pattern, so if you would like to work up to this you may want to try some of those patterns first. If you are not as experienced with scale knitting, it is recommended that you knit the right wing and then left wing (which are knit flat) before you begin the body section (in the round)
The making up section is comprehensively described, and includes diagrams and photos of key stages to help you assemble your dragon as simply as possible.
The dragon is quite a quick pattern and an experienced knitter who has used scales before could complete a dragon in a matter of hours.

What Do I Not Get?
You do not get permission to sell this pattern as it is or in an adapted form, or give it away for free.
You do not get permission to make and sell items made by this pattern, although the technique of knitting with scales itself is allowed - you can design your own items that include scales using the technique described in the free tutorial whether you buy the pattern or not. Only the pattern itself is protected.

What Can I Make?
Little scaly dragon friends!
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