Thursday, 9 October 2014

This notice has been late in coming due to the nature of the notice, and that it's taken this long to organise what situation I'm in and what can and can't fit.

I've recently started at a full time job, which means CraftyMutt will need to cut down or stop to fit in the time I have - I have assessed how much time I will have left over and it looks like CraftyMutt can continue to sell patterns and glove kits but physical knitted items will no longer be possible to make on request.

New pattern designs will also become even more slow, although there may very occasionally come up some pre-made items for sale when new patterns are being designed as they are test knit and the test items are no longer needed.

I've had all item commissions at zero stock for a while now so all that will happen is nothing will change back. Pages relevant to the ordering and purchase of ready-knit items will be removed/archived as and when to reduce confusion, but as of this post they are no longer in service.

As it affects kits, the level of scales in stock is currently very low after the period of low activity (see the Etsy listings for regular and long gloves to see what colours are in stock if you are interested in a kit) but I expect to be buying more in since selling kits is still going to be feasible.
Other minor changes include that I will only be able to purchase yarns and dispatch kits on Saturdays, which means the one week dispatch estimate is now more likely (previously I would often be able to buy the new yarn and dispatch in a day or two) and occasionally it may take two (I would contact as soon as it's known in case it affects the order)

Thanks to everyone who ordered gloves, pouches, necklaces, dragons, and other miscellaneous bits and pieces over the years and helped me hone the designs to the point they could be made into patterns; although I won't be making the actual items any more it's nice to know they'll continue to be made through all you ambitious knitters!

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