Sunday, 31 July 2011

Quick Update

FIRST I now have a million things to knit! Which is awesome, I intended to start today but my official return to knitting date so that's okay. I'm going to knit a little this evening at least :)

Second, so many other things have just popped up around the place if you feel like exploring. There's a new tab up at the top right where soon there will be several recent made projects, and any I made of my own decision will be offered for quick-sale there before I properly list them on the shop! They'll be cheaper before I have to take into account Etsy listing charges and such :)
There's also a tab on Crafty Mutt's facebook for things already on sale at Etsy, if you like something you see but want it a little different or without having to get an Etsy account I'm willing to make copies of items!

And finally, you've all probably noticed by this point that I've got home from Wales, so here's a photo of cute Welsh bunnies :P

They were such sweet little inquisitive babies ^_^

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