Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Birthday Discount - BIRTHDAYDOG11

Very briefly, today Crafty Mutt is 1 month old! And to celebrate his month birthday he wanted to share his cake with everyone, but I said I couldn't post cake so he then said he wants everyone to be able to buy things at a discount price :P

Crafty Mutt googled cake and said he wants this one.

So, on any purchase from the Etsy shop, any request sent to me or order made through any other means quote the birthday code: BIRTHDAYDOG11 and get 10% off your order!

I'll give you it off the order total if you order from me, I don't know if Etsy counts that off shipping though
For items which require a price to be decided I will tell you the price I'd normally charge and the postage, and then give you your improved 10% discount price :) exact order details needn't be agreed within the deadline, so long as the order is created during the specified discount period.
If you already have a 10% discount code and are feeling left out because you wanted to buy something in celebration of Crafty Mutt's birthday, contact me and I will give you a 15% discount for today :P (I know everyone with a discount code, you can't fool me if you don't have one)

This is valid on any purchase or request of purchase, of an existing item or request for a custom item, which is initiated between right now this very moment and 4pm tomorrow (Wed 03 Aug) GMT!

So if there was something you may have been thinking about asking for, now's a great opportunity:D

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