Sunday, 7 August 2011

Work Keeps Coming!

After the last few orders I completed I thought there'd be a lull and I'd be able to relax a bit (well, when I say relax, I mean  not have an excuse not to do all those other things...)
But no! More things! Big things!
Exciting things!

Thank you everyone who's ordered something, it's keeping me occupied and out of trouble :P and of course I love the challenges when I get a particularly exciting order.

So I'm still knitting, and I'm still here albeit without much to report. When I've worked my way through the recent surprises I'll be getting on to a couple of things I've been meaning to make to sell just because I like to make things - pigs, penguins, tiny dragons and maybe a few other Pokémon! Watch out, it could be any of the 646, although it is more likely to be one of the few obvious ones from later generations, or a more random pick from early Pokémon.

Photos of a knit/crochet Dragonite to be expected within the near future as example :)

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