Saturday, 13 August 2011

Tiny Things

One thing I've found with orders (especially large orders) is I need a little break every body piece or so :P something in a different colour, different wool, something knit if the order is crochet, or vice versa.

Well, in an attempt to increase things I have to post about (because since I've got orders blog posts are a little thin on the ground) I am going to use these breaks to make tiny things, starting with this little carrot;

Tiny Carrot says hello!

I intend to build up a few little tiny things, and then I think I shall offer them for sale at 80p each, delivery of course would be a bit expensive for just one around 40p but several of the 80p tiny critters could be sent in one order for no additional delivery, or even added to another delivery order for no extra posting cost at all!

Of course I expect I will sell these best when I'm up in Durham, and there is no delivery required. I can reserve little creatures until then, so for now look out for all the strange little things I will think to knit :)

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