Friday, 22 July 2011

Week Away with Much Going On

Firstly, I shall be in Wales for the next week, so anything crafty you need will have to wait :P feel free to contact me still in the mean time, and I'll get right on it as soon as I'm back.
This is Bardsey Island with a cloud sat on it which is just off the end of the land where I'll be camping again.
Hopefully this year it'll be a bit clearer. Well, hopefully it'll be really really sunny :D

SO anything I've been making is going on pause, including a little lobster (80% physically existing, but still in about 4 bits) and this exciting project!
Mystery project is a complete mystery.

And on top of those I still have quite a few other things I meant to make, and I haven't even started on anything with my exciting new plastic eyes, and I want to make lots of tiny cat things because I have tiny silver bells to put on their collars X3 so cute.

And on top of THAT I have figured out how paypal works, so you can request absolutely anything you've seen (or even something you thought of yourself!) through facebook or emails, and don't need any shop hosting website! As long as you have paypal (I'm pretty sure most people do by now) you can have anything any time. No Etsy account creation necessary!
And there's always good old cash exchange, but I don't really want to getting money though the post because I can't be responsible if your money disappears in the post :(
Anyways, with this new development there will be (possibly tonight, but likely when I get back after Wales) a new tab to this blog, with information on policies for that sort of trade.

More cute critters to make it your way in about a week then :) meanwhile, I shall be off to make sure I've actually packed all the things I meant to...

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